2018 June 22

14:27 IMO rolls out ferry safety video

2018 June 21

10:53 Protecting marine life from ship noise is in the focus of meeting on oceans and the law of the sea
10:02 Maritime officials in Morocco undergo training at IMO workshop in Casablanca

2018 June 18

15:33 Poland holds World Maritime Day Parallel Event
15:13 IMO member states must progress on key sulphur cap issues at critical meeting in July

2018 June 13

13:19 IMO events bring port issues to the fore
12:34 IMO’s Facilitation Committee approves revised structure for its Compendium on Facilitation and Electronic Business
12:12 IMO International Maritime Law Institute held its 29th annual graduation ceremony

2018 June 8

10:02 Seafarer's wellbeing is the focus this year's Day of the Seafarer campaign
09:40 IMO holds maritime security drills in Uruguay

2018 June 6

16:51 IMO supports the free-flow of trade

2018 June 4

10:22 Namibia hosted a series of events addressing oil spill preparedness and response

2018 June 1

13:37 Global Industry Alliance brainstorms emission-cutting solutions for shipping

2018 May 31

10:12 IMO continues fight against marine litter

2018 May 28

15:32 Women in Maritime Security conference held at IMO Headquarters on May 24

2018 May 25

17:42 Carbon targets for shipping can only be met with ‘zero CO2’ fuels - ICS
17:40 IMO takes first steps to address autonomous ships

2018 May 22

15:04 Iridium network approved to provide Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) services
12:42 IMO approves joint RF/USA proposal on regulation of shipping in the Bering Strait (photo)
10:48 IMO agrees to recognize that the Iridium network meets all the criteria

2018 May 21

12:29 IMO supported Regional Workshop for Latin-American countries to implement treaties dealing with liability and compensation

2018 May 18

16:51 Special event on ports at IMO Headquarters will focus on single window, ports and logistics
16:05 IMO begins scoping exercise on autonomous vessels
15:38 India benefits from IMO training on port emissions

2018 May 17

15:16 Maritime2020 to prepare shipping professionals for IMO Regulations

2018 May 16

17:26 Forum held at IMO Headquarters looked at challenges and opportunities for the organisation
16:44 IMO welcomes a new member
16:25 New web tool to help put Polar Code into practise

2018 May 15

13:05 Monaco accedes to air pollution and energy-efficiency rules
12:17 Cyprus, Greece and Israel sign pollution contingency plan

2018 May 14

16:02 Jeddah workshop aims to ensure safe and secure regional waters
15:15 Cyprus, Greece and Israel sign pollution contingency plan

2018 May 11

10:50 IMO held national maritime transport policy training in Kenia
09:38 Oil spill response workshop held in Equatorial Guinea

2018 May 10

11:30 IMO’s Kitack Lim heralds new Global Ocean Institute

2018 May 4

14:56 UN Secretary-General visits IMO

2018 May 3

12:27 IMO is holding its first training event for Libyan port facility security officers
09:49 ​IMO highlights GHG strategy at Bonn Climate Change talks

2018 April 28

10:22 IMO treaty covering compensation for damage caused by HNS transported by sea was the subject of a workshop at IMO Headquarters
09:38 First Arabic-language port security workshop held

2018 April 26

16:34 IMO meeting in July to continue 2020 preparations
15:34 MEPC 72: ISO confirms plans to develop interim guidance for 0.50%S bunker fuel
15:19 50 percent Co2 cut by 2050 – governments must acknowledge enormity of what IMO has agreed - ICS
14:49 IMO takes first step toward Arctic HFO ban, but first needs to define ‘HFO’
13:02 The newly established Klaveness Combination Carriers AS to form part of the solution to the ambitious climate strategy passed on by IMO
09:54 IMO reaffirmed support for its African Member States

2018 April 25

18:18 Three-day event held in Papua New Guinea focused on safety of domestic ferries
09:08 The Port of Rotterdam welcomes IMO’s first step in reducing CO2 from shipping

2018 April 24

14:04 Seafarer issues to be highlighted during 105th session of IMO's Legal Committee
09:08 Compensation regime for Hazardous and Noxious Cargoes a step closer - IMO

2018 April 20

17:47 President of Cyprus visits IMO
13:38 WMU supports IMO climate change strategy for shipping

2018 April 16

17:05 IMO on track to introduce high sulphur fuel carriage ban from March 2020
16:05 World Shipping Council welcomes the IMO’s agreement on a greenhouse gas reduction strategy
15:33 UN body adopts climate change strategy for shipping

2018 April 13

08:06 BPA comments on global shipping greenhouse gas emissions strategy at IMO MEPC 72

2018 April 11

15:03 IMO provides updates on Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention to RINA

2018 April 10

10:54 Initial GHG strategy for international shipping set for adoption

2018 April 5

15:37 ESPO supports EU position on IMO CO2 negotiations

2018 April 4

16:15 IMO held National Seminar on Facilitation of Maritime Traffic in Mozambique