2018 April 26

16:34 IMO meeting in July to continue 2020 preparations
15:34 MEPC 72: ISO confirms plans to develop interim guidance for 0.50%S bunker fuel
15:19 50 percent Co2 cut by 2050 – governments must acknowledge enormity of what IMO has agreed - ICS
14:49 IMO takes first step toward Arctic HFO ban, but first needs to define ‘HFO’
13:02 The newly established Klaveness Combination Carriers AS to form part of the solution to the ambitious climate strategy passed on by IMO
09:54 IMO reaffirmed support for its African Member States

2018 April 25

18:18 Three-day event held in Papua New Guinea focused on safety of domestic ferries
09:08 The Port of Rotterdam welcomes IMO’s first step in reducing CO2 from shipping

2018 April 24

14:04 Seafarer issues to be highlighted during 105th session of IMO's Legal Committee
09:08 Compensation regime for Hazardous and Noxious Cargoes a step closer - IMO

2018 April 20

17:47 President of Cyprus visits IMO
13:38 WMU supports IMO climate change strategy for shipping

2018 April 16

17:05 IMO on track to introduce high sulphur fuel carriage ban from March 2020
16:05 World Shipping Council welcomes the IMO’s agreement on a greenhouse gas reduction strategy
15:33 UN body adopts climate change strategy for shipping

2018 April 13

08:06 BPA comments on global shipping greenhouse gas emissions strategy at IMO MEPC 72

2018 April 11

15:03 IMO provides updates on Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention to RINA

2018 April 10

10:54 Initial GHG strategy for international shipping set for adoption

2018 April 5

15:37 ESPO supports EU position on IMO CO2 negotiations

2018 April 4

16:15 IMO held National Seminar on Facilitation of Maritime Traffic in Mozambique
10:00 IMO participated in maritime security exercise focused on Gulf of Guinea maritime security

2018 March 27

09:56 Port security training organized by IMO held in Djibouti

2018 March 26

17:40 IMO seminar on stowaways gathered representatives of nine African ports
15:02 Governments need to compromise or risk having no IMO CO2 strategy at all - International Chamber of Shipping

2018 March 23

17:20 IMO Tier III certification for MTU marine engines from Rolls-Royce

2018 March 22

15:59 Nitrogen deposition in the oceans needs further study

2018 March 21

13:56 IMO launches a video outlining how GMN initiative is uniting MTCCs into a global network

2018 March 20

14:50 IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim spoke at International Shipping Summit in Istanbul

2018 March 19

14:54 Exercise on maritime security held in Nigeria on 14-16 March

2018 March 16

09:48 IMO is looking at safety aspects of on shore power supply to ships

2018 March 14

16:19 SEA\LNG voices its support for the IMO's carriage ban on non-compliant fuels

2018 March 12

12:12 Philippine officials trained in forming maritime transport policy
11:51 Management of ballast water and biofouling discussed in Madeira, Portugal on 5-7 March

2018 March 9

09:06 IMO’s mandatory fuel consumption data reporting now in force

2018 March 5

16:20 MARPOL amendments enter into force - ship fuel oil reporting requirements, garbage classification and IOPP certificate
11:05 IMO: maritime women to benefit from new leadership course

2018 March 2

17:27 International Seabed Authority becomes new sponsor of IMO’s marine science advisory group

2018 February 27

09:39 IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim spoke at international conference on implementing the Polar Code

2018 February 20

18:37 Time is running out to register for the Dangerous Goods: New Requirements for Transportation Conference, March 1, 2018

2018 February 16

15:25 PPR 5 agrees on the outline of IMO draft guidelines for implementation of the 2020 sulphur limit

2018 February 9

09:39 IMO and EBRD sign new partnership to support sustainable shipping

2018 February 6

09:38 IMO’s PPR Sub-committee focused on implementing 2020 sulphur limit

2018 February 5

17:59 IMO collaborates to boost African security capability
17:10 IMO participated in a follow-up UNCTED assessment visit to Greece

2018 January 31

17:40 IMO participated in WCO Data Model Project Team meeting
09:40 IMO supports maritime security in west and central Africa

2018 January 29

13:42 U.S., Russia propose Bering Strait ship traffic routing measures

2018 January 23

15:18 SDC Sub-Committee is focused on mooring matters

2018 January 22

17:53 Myanmar accedes to treaty covering bunker oil pollution damage

2018 January 1

17:10 Seafarer shore leave gets extra protection from 1 January 2018 - IMO

2017 December 26

16:23 IMO provides assistance to prevent stowaways

2017 December 22

15:06 IMO continues spreading the knowledge of effective port security measures

2017 December 19

13:40 Foreship predicts one third of shipping will opt for exhaust gas scrubbers

2017 December 15

23:12 Russia and USA filed first ever joint note with IMO on shipping in Bering Strait and Bering Sea

2017 December 14

12:29 IMO encourages member countries to ratify and enforce the London Protocol to prohibit dumping at sea
09:59 Russia and Finland have similar positions on double control of fuel used by vessels

2017 December 13

17:31 SENSREC project to continue support Bangladesh to comply with international requirements towards accession to the IMO ship recycling treaty
11:11 Work continues to combat illicit maritime activity

2017 December 12

14:27 Russia and Finland to submit joint proposal to IMO for accepting ship’s documents in e-format (photo)

2017 December 11

16:55 Private sector partners in the pursuit of low carbon shipping