2018 January 23

15:18 SDC Sub-Committee is focused on mooring matters

2018 January 22

17:53 Myanmar accedes to treaty covering bunker oil pollution damage

2018 January 1

17:10 Seafarer shore leave gets extra protection from 1 January 2018 - IMO

2017 December 26

16:23 IMO provides assistance to prevent stowaways

2017 December 22

15:06 IMO continues spreading the knowledge of effective port security measures

2017 December 19

13:40 Foreship predicts one third of shipping will opt for exhaust gas scrubbers

2017 December 15

23:12 Russia and USA filed first ever joint note with IMO on shipping in Bering Strait and Bering Sea

2017 December 14

12:29 IMO encourages member countries to ratify and enforce the London Protocol to prohibit dumping at sea
09:59 Russia and Finland have similar positions on double control of fuel used by vessels

2017 December 13

17:31 SENSREC project to continue support Bangladesh to comply with international requirements towards accession to the IMO ship recycling treaty
11:11 Work continues to combat illicit maritime activity

2017 December 12

14:27 Russia and Finland to submit joint proposal to IMO for accepting ship’s documents in e-format (photo)

2017 December 11

16:55 Private sector partners in the pursuit of low carbon shipping
16:51 IMO Assembly adopts vision and strategic directions
11:48 Marine environment protection in Southeast Asia gets fresh backing from Norad
11:33 IMO took part in Salvage & Wreck London 2017 Conference

2017 December 6

16:00 IMO team preparing GloFouling project takes part in Sustainable Ocean Summit
09:08 Wallenius Wilhelmsen fleet ready for new CO2 regulations

2017 December 5

16:31 IMO officially launches global maritime technology cooperation centre network
15:00 Somalia signs Jeddah Amendment on illicit maritime activity
14:37 Global maritime technology cooperation centre network officially launched

2017 December 4

17:51 New capacity-building partnership signed between Belgium, the Solomon Islands and IMO
06:50 IMO Assembly elects new 40-Member Council

2017 December 1

18:27 Russia elected as IMO Council member having secured more votes than USA and UK
15:39 Flame-defying maritime pilots recognized with IMO bravery accolade

2017 November 30

16:35 Bunker suppliers must prepare for the death of fossil fuels in shipping - ICS

2017 November 29

12:36 International Maritime Prize for 2016 presented to Koji Sekimizu
09:34 International Maritime Prize for 2016 presented to Koji Sekimizu

2017 November 28

16:00 Maxim Sokolov suggests introducing a grace period for compliance with 2020 0.5% global sulphur cap
14:16 IMO Secretary-General outlines challenges facing the Organization
12:50 Russia thinks IMO should intensify its efforts on decreasing administrative burden on shipping business (photo)
09:41 Kitack Lim emphasized leading role of Russia and RF Transport Ministry in ensuring safe shipping in NSR waters (photo)

2017 November 24

17:15 IMO holds training for port security staff in Guinea
16:27 IMO addresses invasive aquatic species carried in ballast water through BWM Convention
10:45 Financial support for the Polar Code and the Sustainable Development Goals

2017 November 23

15:33 European Sea Ports Organisation welcomes a deadline for global solution on CO2 from shipping

2017 November 22

17:24 Iceland accedes to air pollution treaty

2017 November 21

15:35 IMO’s technical cooperation activities have received a boost of US$1.0 million
14:52 Djibouti Regional Training Centre equipped with modern computer-based training simulator

2017 November 20

18:06 Shipping must be economically sustainable if it is to deliver on environmental sustainability, ICS tells OECD
15:30 IMO takes part in Green Ship Technology North America Conference
12:43 IMO’s Jan De Boer participated at the LNG Ship/Shore Interface Conference in London
12:22 International seminar on mutual cooperation between IMO, WMU and KMOU held in Busan, Republic of Korea

2017 November 17

15:26 IMO runs cooperation for oil spill preparedness in west, central and southern Africa
09:08 ESPO welcomes the agreement between Parliament and Council setting a deadline for global solution on CO2 from shipping

2017 November 16

09:42 IMO is holding a seminar focused on free-flowing maritime traffic in Montenegro

2017 November 15

13:40 The GMN maritime technology project presented at the UN climate change conference in Bonn, Germany

2017 November 10

13:37 Women in maritime Asia strengthen their network

2017 November 8

11:27 Inspection training for PSC Officers in South and Central America is underway at IMO workshop in Argentina

2017 November 7

16:42 IMO updates COP23 on climate change work
14:49 Abu Dhabi hosted IMO Workshop on Assessing, Authorizing and Monitoring Recognized Organizations

2017 November 6

15:32 Port State control regimes move to boost collaboration, harmonization and information sharing - IMO

2017 October 31

08:43 IMO discusses unsafe mixed migration by sea

2017 October 30

15:22 Progress made in developing GHG strategy for international shipping

2017 October 27

07:43 IMO promotes fishing vessel safety agreement to save lives

2017 October 25

17:39 Training for spill response held in East Africa
12:39 Vitaly Klyuev chairs IMO Workshop for PSC MoU/Agreement Secretaries and Database Managers (photo)

2017 October 23

18:06 Ocean Change requires solutions - UN Oceans Envoy

2017 October 13

15:00 Antigua and Barbuda to implement a maritime single window for ship notifications
14:38 IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim visited Cyprus for a series of high-level meetings with ministers and officials