2017 November 17

15:26 IMO runs cooperation for oil spill preparedness in west, central and southern Africa
09:08 ESPO welcomes the agreement between Parliament and Council setting a deadline for global solution on CO2 from shipping

2017 November 16

09:42 IMO is holding a seminar focused on free-flowing maritime traffic in Montenegro

2017 November 15

13:40 The GMN maritime technology project presented at the UN climate change conference in Bonn, Germany

2017 November 10

13:37 Women in maritime Asia strengthen their network

2017 November 8

11:27 Inspection training for PSC Officers in South and Central America is underway at IMO workshop in Argentina

2017 November 7

16:42 IMO updates COP23 on climate change work
14:49 Abu Dhabi hosted IMO Workshop on Assessing, Authorizing and Monitoring Recognized Organizations

2017 November 6

15:32 Port State control regimes move to boost collaboration, harmonization and information sharing - IMO

2017 October 31

08:43 IMO discusses unsafe mixed migration by sea

2017 October 30

15:22 Progress made in developing GHG strategy for international shipping

2017 October 27

07:43 IMO promotes fishing vessel safety agreement to save lives

2017 October 25

17:39 Training for spill response held in East Africa
12:39 Vitaly Klyuev chairs IMO Workshop for PSC MoU/Agreement Secretaries and Database Managers (photo)

2017 October 23

18:06 Ocean Change requires solutions - UN Oceans Envoy

2017 October 13

15:00 Antigua and Barbuda to implement a maritime single window for ship notifications
14:38 IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim visited Cyprus for a series of high-level meetings with ministers and officials

2017 October 11

11:48 ​IMO regional pollution centre assists Greece oil spill clean-up

2017 October 10

16:00 IMO pays attention to the fibreglass vessel problem

2017 October 8

18:02 ISO may produce intermediate ISO 8217 specifications prior to 2020

2017 October 6

17:31 Malta hosted Our Ocean Conference 2017
10:13 A series of the meetings for safe and sustainable Straits of Malacca and Singapore held in Malaysia

2017 October 5

16:55 Panama hosted World Maritime Day Parallel Event
13:40 Spain hosted International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association 65th Anniversary Conference

2017 October 3

17:52 IMO encourages Member States to place greater emphasis on incorporating women in maritime field

2017 September 28

18:09 Workshop on General Principles of Drafting National Legislation to Implement IMO Conventions held on 18-22 September
17:52 The message of IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim on the occasion of the World Maritime Day
14:27 IMO/SPC workshop in Fiji is supporting Pacific Island countries to implement treaties dealing with liability and compensation

2017 September 27

14:42 IMO welcomes new delegates
11:22 Future-Ready Shipping Conference 2017 held in Singapore on 25-26 September

2017 September 26

17:01 Sub-Committee on Implementation of IMO Instruments is meeting for its fourth session
16:52 ICS Chairman’s message for IMO World Maritime Day: Shipping industry focused on serious CO2 emission reduction
16:36 Training for port security officials held in Mexico
15:25 China workshop discusses oil pollution response

2017 September 25

11:03 The 28th meeting of the Tokyo MOU Port State Control Committee held in Vladivostok

2017 September 21

13:17 Sovcomflot CEO Sergey Frank meets IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim
10:47 IMO conducted table-top exercise on maritime security in Lima, Peru

2017 September 20

18:04 IMO talks Polar matters in Russia
11:49 IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim considers Russia to be one of the key players at the IMO

2017 September 19

17:25 IMO is attending 34th session of ASEAN to update the Maritime Transport Working Group on its latest activities
13:50 IMO issues Guidelines on maritime cyber risk management
13:28 IMO says search and rescue is an international responsibility
11:40 Secretary-General of IMO believes in a great future of Vostochny Port (photo)

2017 September 18

17:25 IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim visited sailings ship Nadezhda in Vladivostok (photo)
13:55 Kitack Lim says Port State Control in the Asia-Pacific region is a deliberate focus of the Tokyo MoU
11:17 Russia seeks closer cooperation with IMO, Vitaly Klyuyev says
10:21 IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim is on a formal visit in Russia

2017 September 17

17:21 IMO issues new warning on hazards of carrying bauxite by ship

2017 September 13

10:35 Jamaica and Malta accede to Ballast Water Management Convention
09:52 IMO’s CCC 4 will consider latest research results on potential instability of bauxite when carried as a ship’s cargo

2017 September 8

13:28 Global treaty to halt invasive aquatic species enters into force - IMO

2017 September 6

17:17 ICS Chairman calls on all parties to ensure successful implementation of Ballast Convention

2017 September 5

13:30 Training for port security drills led by IMO in Nigeria

2017 September 4

12:37 IMO is addressing fishing vessel safety

2017 August 22

13:38 IMO and Liberia looking to enhance maritime security

2017 August 7

15:25 GloFouling Partnerships projectt to address bioinvasions via ships’ hulls

2017 August 4

16:22 IMO Secretary General Kitak Lim to visit Russia in September 2017, official says

2017 August 2

18:07 International Maritime Prize for 2016 goes to Koji Sekimizu, former IMO Secretary-General

2017 July 31

10:11 Bahri leads push for Saudi Arabia’s entry into IMO Executive Council

2017 July 28

17:59 Mozambique gets fresh training on port security