2019 February 15

08:07 MAN Energy Solutions wins contract to supply the engines for a new harbour tug in Spain

2019 February 13

10:55 Costa Rica ratifies treaty for enhancing free flow of maritime trade

2019 February 11

11:18 IMO holds workshop promoting international counter-terrorism treaties in South and South-East Asia

2019 February 8

08:29 Key fishing vessel safety treaty boosted with accession by Spain

2019 February 7

11:08 IMO launches new logo for its Women in Maritime programme

2019 February 6

16:35 IMO collaborates to boost African maritime development

2019 February 5

10:09 IMO to finalize safe mooring rules

2019 February 4

15:32 IMO brings together industry stakeholders to discuss tackling barriers to JIT operations

2019 February 1

11:12 Turkey ratifies ship recycling convention

2019 January 30

13:22 MAN Energy Solutions receives the first order for its SCR-HP product

2019 January 23

09:48 Aderco: Planning for 2020 has already started

2019 January 17

12:26 Qatar accedes to load lines convention

2019 January 16

16:31 IMO’s polar communication and navigation equipment guidance to be finalized
15:33 Verifavia Shipping cements leadership position for EU MRV and IMO DCS IT system certification
12:09 ABS Advanced Solutions and Fleet Management Limited partner on cyber security

2019 January 14

12:32 IMO helps Member States with sustainability targets

2019 January 9

14:03 Bunker delivery note amendments enter into force as sulphur 2020 requirement looms

2018 December 19

11:56 Simulation exercises to improve port security held in Panama
10:50 Regional workshop to address barriers for effective implementation of MARPOL Annex VI held at REMPEC

2018 December 17

11:01 IBIA welcomes decision by IMO’s MSC to add new item to its agenda to address concerns about fuel safety

2018 December 14

15:57 IMO held training workshops in Cameroon Single Window for Foreign Trade Transactions
13:10 WMU hosted round table discussion regarding key challenges facing IMO
10:25 IMO holds training for managing insecurity in west Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden

2018 December 12

18:21 IMO led panel discussion on wreck removal challenges at Salvage & Wreck Removal Conference in London

2018 December 11

11:40 The second phase of IMO-implemented safe and sustainable ship recycling project in Bangladesh starts

2018 December 10

11:07 Verifavia Shipping signs cooperations with 8 ROs to support IMO DCS verification
10:07 Oman signs Jeddah Amendment on illicit maritime activity

2018 December 6

17:35 IMO highlights key elements of the Initial IMO Strategy on reduction of GHG emissions from ships
11:22 Ukraine accedes to load lines convention

2018 December 4

15:39 ​IMO holds counter terrorism training for Bangladesh, Maldives and Sri Lanka

2018 November 30

16:39 REMPEC promotes spill prevention and response in Western Mediterranean
16:16 ASEAN Regional Oil Spill Contingency Plan adopted
12:03 Maritime Technology Cooperation Centres become integral players in cutting maritime emissions
11:40 GIA Task Force meeting held at IMO Headquarters

2018 November 28

16:56 WOMESA side event on integration of women in maritime sector held in Kenya
13:21 IMO event fuels discussions on the sustainable Blue Economy

2018 November 27

10:22 IMO joins world leaders and maritime experts at Sustainable Blue Economy Conference
09:42 IMO holds workshop to provide greater understanding of Anti-Fouling Systems Convention

2018 November 26

16:13 IMO launches global project to protect marine biodiversity

2018 November 23

13:59 IMO supports a training course to empower port women
11:48 IMO promotes electronic data exchange in West Africa
11:27 IMO held training in Turkey for dealing with hazardous substances

2018 November 19

18:37 IMO holds workshop boosting maritime security in Gulf of Guinea

2018 November 13

16:20 Training on oil spill preparedness and response held for countries in eastern Africa
08:07 ERMA FIRST obtains USCG type approval for ballast water treatment system using FILTREX filters

2018 November 12

11:34 IMO supports equal opportunities for women in fisheries
11:12 Trinidad and Tobago benefits from IMO port security training

2018 November 9

11:36 IMO won’t call for pragmatic enforcement during initial phase of 2020
10:51 IBIA welcomes IMO’s 2020 preparatory advice for ships

2018 November 8

17:58 Issue of space debris and marine environment addressed at dedicated meeting

2018 November 7

11:44 Rolls-Royce to deliver design and ship equipment for Belgium’s new research vessel
10:59 IMO teams up with Pew Charitable Trust to raise awareness of Cape Town Agreement and benefits of ratifying it

2018 November 6

10:30 Regional training course for auditors under IMO's IMSAS took place in Busan

2018 November 2

13:52 Promoting technologies to cut shipping’s GHG emissions
12:29 IMO: Training for Libyan port security officers

2018 October 31

17:56 Libyan port and maritime security officers are receiving training on IMO’s ISPS Code
17:04 Peru accedes to IMO treaty covering dumping of wastes at sea
16:19 IMO led workshop for Latin America countries to ensure that maritime sector is fully integrated into UNDAF

2018 October 26

18:38 IMO helps assess further sulphur reductions in the Mediterranean

2018 October 25

16:13 IBIA at MEPC 73: IMO’s high sulphur fuel carriage ban remains on track March 2020