2017 July 13

09:35 Vyborg Shipyard elected Aleksandr Neigebauer as BoD Chairman (photo)

2017 July 12

14:57 Gerald Hirt appointed as new Managing Director of Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center

2017 July 10

12:36 Commercial Port of Vladivostok elects Aleksandr Isurins as Chairman of its Supervisory Board (photo)

2017 July 6

18:02 Associated British Ports Holdings Ltd announces appointment of Phil Nolan as Non-Executive Chairman

2017 June 30

13:11 Vladislav Zhukov will head Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg, JSC (photo)

2017 June 28

12:20 Sakhalin Shipping Company appoints Yevgeny Temyakov as BoD Chairman (photo)

2017 June 27

10:48 Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine appoints new Head of USPA's Nikolaev branch

2017 June 21

14:15 Sergei Khramagin re-elected as Director General of State Transport Leasing Company (photo)

2017 June 16

17:49 Rosmorport appoints Yury Semenov as Acting Director of its Sakhalin Branch (photo)

2017 June 8

12:36 Andrey Diachkov appointed as Director General of the Severnoye Design Bureau (photo)

2017 May 29

10:54 Rosmorport appoints Elena Bulanova as Acting Director of its Vanino Branch (photo)

2017 May 25

10:55 Arctia strengthens its customer relations team

2017 May 23

13:56 Igor Ponomarev elected as Director General of Severnaya Verf shipyard (photo)
12:07 Rashid Sharipov elected as Chairman of NCSP BoD (photo)

2017 May 22

10:13 HH Ferries Group appoints new CEO

2017 May 19

16:32 Rosmorrechflot appoints Magomed Abdulatipov as head of FSBI Caspian Sea Ports Administration

2017 May 3

14:30 Yevgeny Tuzinkevich appointed as Harbour Master of port Novorossiysk (photo)

2017 April 28

18:11 ABP Humber appoints Chris Bowlas as new Head of Commercial
10:57 Roman Chesnokov appointed as head of Administration of IWW's Ob-Irtysh Basin

2017 April 27

16:49 Rasul Sultanov appointed as Chairman of Astrakhan Region Government (photo)

2017 April 26

09:29 Vasily Kornilyev appointed as Acting Chairman of Astrakhan Region Government (photo)

2017 April 24

12:19 Kimmo Rahkamo appointed CEO of Skangas

2017 April 18

10:35 Boris Kabakov appointed as Director of Shipbuilding and Marine Facilities Department of Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (photo)

2017 April 12

13:13 Sergei Safonichev appointed as head of Azov Sea Ports Administration (photo)

2017 March 29

17:31 KN appoints the new CEO – Mindaugas Jusius

2017 March 24

15:58 Rosmorport appoints Tatiana Karpinyan as Chief Accountant of its Azov Basin Branch (photo)

2017 March 22

15:00 Rosmorrechflot appoints Harbour Masters of Dikson and Dudinka ports

2017 March 17

16:46 German Yelyanyushkin appointed as head of Moscow Canal (photo)
12:48 Global Ports Investments PLC Appoints Mikhail Loganov as CEO (photo)

2017 March 6

13:17 Rosmorport appoints Nina Osipova as Director of its Far-Eastern Basin Branch (photo)

2017 March 2

18:04 Foreship appoints well-known ship energy expert Jan-Erik Räsänen as its Head of New Technology
17:30 Sanna Sonninen is Finnpilot's Pilotage Director from 1 April 2017

2017 February 28

14:52 Powers of Zairbek Yusupov, Director General of Commercial Port of Vladivostok, extended for 3 years

2017 February 27

12:20 Rosmorport appoints Yury Vdovkin as Acting Director of its Sakhalin Branch (photo)
10:00 Rosmorport appoints Grigory Biryulev as Deputy Chief of Fleet of its North-Western Basin Branch (photo)

2017 February 22

15:23 Yuriy Orekhov appointed to the position of the Head of the RS Branch Office in Spain
13:40 Yevgeny Dmitrakov elected as new Director General of Commercial Seaport Vanino OJSC

2017 February 21

15:41 Igor Ponomaryov appointed as Director General of Severnaya Verf shipyard

2017 February 17

14:50 Alan Lushnikov appointed as Deputy Transport Minister of the Russian Federation (photo)

2017 February 15

14:43 Artur Parfyonchikov appointed as Acting Governor of the Republic of Karelia (photo)
09:33 Peder Sondergaard elected as director of Global Ports Investments

2017 February 13

10:10 Victor Basargin appointed as head of Russia’s Federal Agency for Transport Supervision (photo)

2017 February 1

15:53 Rosmorport appoints Gennady Khripunov as Deputy Director for Navigation Safety of its Astrakhan Basin Branch (photo)

2017 January 13

11:27 FSUE Rosmorport appoints Yevgeny Moroz as Director of its Vanino Branch (photo)

2017 January 9

10:54 Yury Akhmedov appointed as Deputy Director of Rosmorport’s North-Western Basin Branch, Head of Ust-Luga Department (photo)

2016 December 19

16:49 Cameron Thorpe is the new CEO at DCT Gdansk SA

2016 December 15

16:48 Rosmorport appoints Valeriy Tatkalo as Director of its Azov Basin Branch

2016 December 8

17:42 Miranda Ng strengthens Port of Hamburg Marketing’s team in Hong Kong

2016 November 30

18:57 RF President Vladimir Putin appointed Maxim Oreshkin Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

2016 November 18

15:20 Stanislav Ritz appointed as Director of RS Representative Office in the Netherlands

2016 November 16

12:38 Gleb Turichin appointed as Acting Rector of Saint Petersburg State Marine Technical University (photo)

2016 October 19

11:06 Aleksandr Vanyukov appointed as Harbour Master of port Vostochny (photo)

2016 October 17

09:39 Rosmorport appoints Vladimir Gudkov as Director of its Astrakhan Branch (photo)

2016 October 7

12:59 Rosmorport appoints Aleksandr Bengert as Director of its Murmansk Branch (photo)

2016 October 6

12:50 ABP appoints Mark Frith to the role of Port Manager Grimsby & Immingham
10:58 Alexei Likhachev appointed CEO of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation

2016 September 23

16:34 Morten Engelstoft appointed CEO of APM Terminals
13:21 Evgeniy Moroz appointed as Deputy Director of Rosmorport’s Vanino Branch (Photo)

2016 September 12

11:27 Aleksandrs Isurins elected as Supervisory Board Chairman at Commercial Port of Vladivostok (photo)

2016 September 8

14:16 Anatoly Balakin appointed as Managing Director of port Posiet