2018 September 17

13:36 Wärtsilä wins world’s first ‘LPG as fuel’ order for new generation of innovative gas carriers

2018 September 14

10:03 Wärtsilä to supply Propulsion Control & Automation System for new tankers of Maersk Tankers

2018 September 3

14:43 Efficiency of Wärtsilä Ballast Water Management System endorsed with USCG Type Approval

2018 August 31

16:05 Seven leading marine industry players sign an agreement to collaborate in developing new levels of performance and environmental efficiency for container vessels

2018 August 24

15:13 WinGD, Wärtsilä and GTT, have agreed to collaborate in providing the required equipment for LNG vessels

2018 August 22

17:13 Wärtsilä secures operations of De Beers’ diamond mining vessel

2018 August 21

11:13 Wärtsilä to build Smart Technology Hub, next-generation innovation and production centre in Finland

2018 August 16

13:02 Wärtsilä equipped Canadian ferry will have minimal environmental impact

2018 August 4

19:27 Eidesvik Offshore, Wärtsilä Norway and DNV GL announce the closure of the FellowSHIP research project

2018 July 23

15:04 Wärtsilä to provide comprehensive optimised maintenance for Virgin Voyages

2018 July 10

17:07 Wärtsilä 34DF engine awarded EPA Tier III certification in diesel mode

2018 June 6

15:02 Wärtsilä accelerates the maritime start-up ecosystem with the National University of Singapore

2018 June 5

08:48 Wärtsilä provides financial predictability and ensures the MARPOL compliance of vessels managed by Wilhelmsen Ship Management

2018 May 31

13:02 Wärtsilä solutions chosen for new environmentally-friendly dredger

2018 May 24

17:09 Successful testing programme with enhanced Wärtsilä’s navigation systems promotes operational safety and efficiency

2018 May 22

12:23 Wärtsilä LNGPac passes 100th order milestone

2018 May 18

13:47 Eniram signs MoU with Arista Shipping to participate in Project Forward for developing new generation of bulk carriers

2018 May 4

15:35 Wärtsilä completes acquisition of Transas

2018 April 27

15:30 World’s first Autodocking installation successfully tested by Wärtsilä

2018 April 25

16:05 Wärtsilä partners with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore to promote maritime technologies

2018 April 21

14:47 Wärtsilä welcomes global shipping’s agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions

2018 April 19

12:52 Wärtsilä to provide optimised maintenance for a complete fuel gas handling system for Viking

2018 March 30

08:08 WinGD X-DF dual-fuel demonstrator burns NG-VOC mix in gaseous fuel mode

2018 March 29

17:37 Wärtsilä Aquarius EC Ballast Water Management System submitted for USCG Type Approval

2018 March 28

15:22 Two LEG Carriers built by Sinopacific with Wärtsilä solutions onboard are named

2018 March 26

14:32 Wärtsilä VOC recovery system can save tons of fuel each year for two new shuttle tankers

2018 March 23

13:02 Wärtsilä to ensure the continuous operations of Hidrovias Group’s pusher tugs in South American rivers

2018 March 22

17:45 Transas to return all funds received under state support programme in 2016-18
12:58 Wärtsilä Seals & Bearings joins the Green Award scheme in support of clean environment

2018 March 19

12:21 Wärtsilä acquires Transas to accelerate its Smart Marine Ecosystem vision

2018 February 26

15:34 Winterthur Gas & Diesel confirms Wärtsilä and CSSC Marine Service as global service providers
11:30 Wärtsilä to ensure and optimise the performance of four TMS Cardiff Gas vessels

2018 February 20

16:34 Wärtsilä and Maersk Drilling create a joint 25-year strategy for thruster services to increase uptime and reduce costs

2018 February 4

00:41 Wärtsilä boosts its QuantiServ service offering by acquiring LOCK-N-STITCH

2018 February 1

15:24 Wärtsilä Aquarius Ballast Water Management System retrofit service reduces installation risks and environmental impact of shipping

2018 January 31

14:03 Wärtsilä's Board of Directors decides on a new share-based incentive scheme

2018 January 26

09:07 Wärtsilä extends the service agreement with Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. for another 10 years

2018 January 24

12:09 Wärtsilä listed among the “2018 Global 100” most sustainable corporations in the world

2018 January 15

16:35 QuantiServ introduces robotised laser technology that drastically increases the lifespan of 2-stroke engine pistons

2018 January 11

15:31 Wärtsilä HYTug design with hybrid propulsion can meet stringent environmental demands of new Brazilian port
08:00 Societe Generale becomes first financial institution to join growing SEA\LNG coalition

2018 January 9

13:03 New shuttle tanker concept with Wärtsilä solutions creates optimal economic and environmental performance

2017 December 21

16:45 Wärtsilä strengthens its Service activity with the acquisition of Trident B.V.

2017 December 19

15:23 Innovative Wärtsilä HY hybrid modules to provide economic and environmental benefits for Swedish port tug

2017 December 14

14:03 Wärtsilä and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MME to collaborate in creating improved power and propulsion for ships

2017 December 8

09:13 Wärtsilä Linesafe for propeller shafts revolutionises bearing design

2017 December 7

15:37 Wärtsilä enters joint project agreement for shuttle tanker development

2017 December 6

17:01 Wärtsilä HY hybrid tug design for Chinese market launched at Marintec
11:30 European Investment Bank and Wärtsilä sign a EUR 125 million Research, Development and Innovation loan

2017 December 5

16:34 Wärtsilä announces the launch of new tilted retractable thruster
15:40 Wärtsilä & GTT finalize cooperation agreement to create one-stop availability for LNG fuel tank and supply systems

2017 December 4

17:05 Wärtsilä launches more powerful version of its Wärtsilä 20 diesel engine
16:05 Wärtsilä VER system saves oil tanker cargo losses, fuel costs, and the environment

2017 December 2

18:32 Wärtsilä's President & CEO, Jaakko Eskola awarded Finland's highest industrial honour

2017 November 28

15:44 Wärtsilä built Tornio Manga LNG terminal unloads the first LNG supply
14:44 USA’s first Wärtsilä equipped LNG fuelling barge ordered by Q-LNG

2017 November 24

16:47 Wärtsilä introduces its Smart Marine Ecosystem vision

2017 November 23

14:02 Wärtsilä engines and exhaust gas cleaning chosen for new cruise ship

2017 November 20

16:00 Wärtsilä to deliver high efficiency and low emissions for new Viking Line ferry

2017 November 16

12:12 Wärtsilä receives an order from Lunar Fishing Company to supply new trawler