2019 September 13

12:09 MOL starts demonstration test of vessel image recognition system using AI technology on Nippon Maru

2019 September 4

07:52 MOL signs agreement with Turkish steel company Tosyalı

2019 September 2

08:07 MOL and Karpowership announce the first LNG-to-Powership project under the co-brand "KARMOL" to be delivered in Nacala, Mozambique

2019 August 15

12:03 MOL transports fire engines to Paraguay

2019 August 8

17:21 MOL and CSET signed MoU facilitating further cooperation for upcoming LNG and ethane projects
15:42 Cambodia hosts workshop on oil spill preparedness and response
10:37 MOL, Asahi Tanker, Exeno Yamamizu and MC join hands to develop zero-emission fully electric vessels

2019 August 6

12:29 MOL led to launch a cross-industrial working group to reduce CO2 emissions

2019 July 30

18:19 MOL to сooperate in JAMSTEC marine plastic pollution survey
12:11 MOL celebrates 25th anniversary of start-up in Indonesia

2019 July 29

17:03 MOL's LNG carrier rescues four castaways off Philippines

2019 July 19

11:14 Ice-breaking LNG carrier for Yamal LNG Project named NIKOLAY URVANTSEV

2019 July 15

12:30 ABS and MOL sign MOU to build up to 14 next generation gas carriers

2019 July 14

13:21 MOL sets conditions for issue of 'sustainability' bonds

2019 July 12

14:03 MOL schedules a major renovation of its operated cruise ship, the Nippon Maru

2019 July 2

17:36 Newbuilding announces naming of a newbuilding LNG carrier
15:22 MOL to launch "One MOL Safety Campaign" for 2019

2019 June 24

15:03 MOL signs deal on a long-term charter contract to utilize "MOL FSRU Challenger" for Hong Kong Offshore LNG Terminal Project

2019 June 20

14:03 MOL and GAIL sign charter contract for one LNG carrier

2019 June 19

14:02 MOL and Japanese shipyards design Next Generation Coal carrier 'EeneX'

2019 June 6

17:40 MOL and Makarov University sign MOU on cooperation in Northern Sea Route operations and cadetship programme

2019 May 28

13:02 MOL Techno-Trade Ceremony marks participation in Green Award Foundation-backed marine environmental protection program

2019 May 23

18:06 MOL to Join Consortium on TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures)

2019 May 21

14:03 MOL and Weathernews release of FOCUS Project part I 'Fleet Viewer' application

2019 May 9

11:31 'Ballast Catch' viable organism sampler ready for sales release

2019 April 26

08:13 MOL recorded ¥6.1 billion in extraordinary loss for FY2018 on its Non-consolidated Financial Statements

2019 April 25

17:05 MOL announces naming ceremony for two newbuilding LNG carriers
07:12 MOL announces delivery of VLCC "PHOENIX JAMNAGAR"

2019 April 24

16:34 MOL co-own world 6 largest Liquified Ethan Carrier with Reliance

2019 April 22

14:27 MOL to install AR navigation system on 21 VLCCs

2019 April 20

15:02 MOL pledges support for Mozambique in wake of devastating cyclone

2019 April 18

15:10 MOL to acquire strategic stake in six group companies, each owning a Very Large Ethane Carrier

2019 April 16

10:09 Mitsui and MOL to participate in financing of FPSO charter project of MODEC for Area 1 Block offshore Mexico

2019 April 1

08:10 MOL and Karpowership collaborate on the LNG to Powership business

2019 March 29

14:44 GTT notified by Sembcorp Marine for the tank design of an LNG bunker vessel for MOL

2019 March 11

17:04 MOL Group to launch demonstration test of mooring rope with built-in Sensor, Rope Status Monitoring System

2019 March 7

17:05 MOL tank Asia honored by Chevron

2019 February 28

16:05 MOL holds delivery ceremony for LNG-fueled tugboat Ishin

2019 February 26

08:05 MOL signs deal for long-term charter contract of LNG bunkering vessel with Singapore's Pavilion Gas

2019 February 19

16:03 MOL conducts underwater drone demonstration test for vessel bottom inspection

2019 February 18

14:02 MOL Chemical Tankers acquires 20% share of Dutch tank container company Den Hartogh

2019 February 14

17:03 MOL Techno-Trade takes part in marine environmental protection program

2019 January 31

14:03 LNG-fueled tugboat Ishin marks 1st bunkering of LNG fuel in Kansai Region

2019 January 25

14:03 MOL-operated car carrier Grand Orion makes 1st call at Port of Sihanoukville, Cambodia

2019 January 22

12:31 MOL moves to establish 'Asahi MOL Tankers' for pool operation of MR Product Tankers

2019 January 15

14:21 ONE achieves container loading records in two consecutive weeks by “MOL TRUST” and “MOL TRADITION”

2019 January 11

11:00 MOL's newbuilding LNG carrier for JERA named Nohshu Maru

2019 January 9

17:03 MOL suspends cruises in the Port of Guam
16:33 MOL Chemical Tankers acquires the entire shares of Nordic Tankers A/S from Triton

2018 December 21

15:04 MOL conducts assessment and feasibility study of advanced navigation support system utilizing collision avoidance algorithm

2018 December 20

17:05 Uniper and MOL enter into agreement on FSRU project in Wilhelmshaven, Germany
15:04 MOL cooperates in demonstration test of class survey using drones

2018 December 18

18:21 Uniper SE and MOL enter into agreement on FSRU project in Germany, and one additional LNG transportation agreement

2018 December 15

16:23 MOL Passenger Line receives award for outstanding performance in 'Cruise of the Year 2018'

2018 December 12

18:00 Newbuilding methanol carrier for Proman Shipping named CASTARA

2018 December 10

15:58 MOL to participate in construction, ownership, operation of FSRU for Jawa 1 gas-fired IPP project in Indonesia
15:52 MOL LNG сarrier LNG Fukurokuju rescues castaway

2018 December 9

16:06 MOL to participate in construction, ownership, operation of FSRU for Jawa 1 Gas-Fired IPP Project in Indonesia

2018 November 29

15:32 MOL adds 'Snap-back zones' training session to VR-based mariner safety education tool

2018 November 27

16:41 Yamal LNG project ice-breaking LNG carrier "Vladimir Rusanov" completes first ship-to-ship transfer operation at Norway