Vyborg Shipyard

2017 June 27

17:24 Vyborg Shipyard hosted meeting focused on localization of ship equipment production in the Russian Federation

2017 June 6

11:31 Vyborg Shipyard signed contracts for construction of six crab-fishing vessels

2017 June 1

12:33 Vyborg Shipyard BoD extends the term of office of the company's General Director for 5 years
10:29 Vyborg Shipyard lays down lead ship of new processing trawlers series

2017 May 19

15:46 Vyborg Shipyard will build two trawlers of Project ST-116XL-FOR for FOR GROUP

2017 May 3

09:55 Vyborg Shipyard and Rosetti Marino signed Memorandum of Cooperation

2017 February 21

14:51 Vyborg Shipyard to deliver second icebreaking support ship intended for Novy Port in May 2017

2017 January 17

16:11 Vyborg Shipyard and Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet ink an agreement for optional and modified ST series trawlers (photo)

2016 December 26

14:16 FSUE Rosmorport takes delivery of Novorossiysk, icebreaker built by Vyborg Shipyard (photo)

2016 December 19

12:18 Vyborg Shipyard will build two medium-size trawlers of Project ST-116 for Nord Pilgrim

2016 December 15

12:19 Commissioning of diesel-electric icebreaker Novorossiysk scheduled for 26 December 2016

2016 December 1

15:18 Two Aker Arctic projects reach significant milestones

2016 November 30

11:47 Vyborg Shipyard holds flag hoisting ceremony at diesel-electric icebreaker Novorossiysk (Project 21900М)

2016 November 24

15:18 Vyborg Shipyard launches lead icebreaking support ship of Aker Arc130A for Gazprom Neft (photo)

2016 November 23

12:45 Icebreaking support ship of Aker Arc130A design built by Vyborg Shipyard for Gazprom Neft to be launched on November 24

2016 November 12

17:44 Vyborg Shipyard to build "turnkey" four trawlers for ATF

2016 September 27

15:25 Vyborg Shipyard lays down port icebreaker Ob for Sabetta

2016 September 26

17:03 Vyborg Shipyard will lay down port icebreaker for Sabetta on September 27, 2016

2016 September 16

17:23 Vyborg Shipyard took part in the International Trade Fair SMM’16

2016 August 11

17:28 Vyborg Shipyard starts dock-side trials of icebreaker "Novorossiysk" (photo)

2016 July 13

13:52 Yevgeny Zagorodniy elected as Chairman of Vyborg Shipyard's BoD

2016 March 18

16:43 Vyborg Shipyard signs contracts with Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet to build four trawlers

2016 March 17

10:55 Vyborg Shipyard will participate in the International Forum on shipbuilding and maritime safety

2016 February 26

16:02 Vyborg Shipyard to build freezing trawler of new generation for North Atlantic regions

2016 January 23

14:10 Vyborg Shipyard signed Agreement for Cooperation on construction of fishing trawlers of a new generation

2016 January 21

17:21 Vyborg Shipyard and ATF sign agreement on cooperation in construction of four trawlers

2016 January 13

15:50 Reconstructed rain runoff treatment system put into operation at Vyborg Shipyard

2015 December 25

15:04 Rosmorport commissions icebreaker Murmansk built at Vyborg Shipyard (photo release)

2015 December 17

14:27 Ceremony of hoisting RF flag at icebreaker Murmansk slated for December 25, 2015

2015 December 15

11:16 Vyborg Shipyard is developing cooperation with China and Japan

2015 December 14

14:08 Vyborg Shipyard lays down first serial icebreaking ship for Gazprom Neft

2015 December 7

14:05 ABB to provide power, propulsion and automation for world’s most advanced port icebreaker

2015 November 4

13:48 Vyborg Shipyard launches construction of the lead icebreaking support vessel for Gazprom Neft Novy Port

2015 November 3

12:50 Vyborg Shipyard lays down lead icebreaking ship for Gazprom Neft Novy Port (photo)

2015 October 30

19:50 Vyborg Shipyard to lay down lead icebreaking ship for Gazprom Neft Novy Port on November 3, 2015

2015 October 29

15:51 Vyborg Shipyard launches icebreaker Novorossiysk of Project 21900М (photo)

2015 October 28

15:49 Vyborg Shipyard to launch icebreaker Novorossiysk of Project 21900 М on October 29

2015 October 9

15:42 First Wärtsilä 31 engines selected for state-of-the-art icebreaker
14:40 Acceptance/delivery certificate signed for diesel-electric icebreaker Vladivostok (photo)

2015 October 7

14:41 Vyborg Shipyard completes sea trials of icebreaker Vladivostok (photo)

2015 September 29

16:03 Wartsila to supply main engines for ARC 124 icebreaker, Vyborg Shipyard’s newbuilding for Atomfllot (photo)

2015 September 24

11:45 Vyborg Shipyard to lay down ARC 124 icebreaker for Atomflot in September 2016

2015 September 23

19:15 Ceremonial hoisting of RF national flag held on icebreaker Vladivostok (photo)

2015 September 16

10:38 Vyborg Shipyard commences sea trials of icebreaker Vladivostok (photo)

2015 August 19

09:49 Project on construction of icebreakers for Novoportovskoye field included into state support programme

2015 August 7

12:03 Icebreakers intended for Novoportovskoye field succeed at model test in ice basin (photo)

2015 July 3

17:26 Vyborg Shipyard to lay down icebreaker for port Sabetta under Yamal-LNG project in September 2016
15:45 Vyborg Shipyard to lay down lead 22 MW icebreaker for Gazprom Neft Novy Port in mid- September (photo)
15:19 Vyborg Shipyard to deliver icebreaker of project 21900М Vladivostok built for FSUE Rosmorport on September 23 (photo)

2015 June 18

15:54 General Director of Vyborg Shipyard elected Chairman of regional representation of the Russian Engineering Union

2015 June 10

14:01 Vyborg Shipyard announces new tender for designing of AARC130A icebreaker for Gazprom Neft Novy Port (graphics)

2015 May 28

10:32 7 companies submit bids for designing of icebreakers to support operations at Novy Port terminal (Yamal)

2015 April 30

15:49 Vyborg Shipyard to build icebreaker for operation at port Sabetta under Yamal LNG project (photo)

2015 April 27

18:30 Vyborg Shipyard to build RUB 6 bln icebreaker of Aker ARC 124 project for Atomflot

2015 April 13

15:42 Vyborg Shipyard to build two state-of-the-art 22 MW icebreakers for Gazprom Neft Novy Port (graphics)

2015 March 3

17:03 Vyborg Shipyard says delivery of icebreaker Novorossiysk (Project 21900М) delayed due to out-of-time financing and ruble devaluation

2014 December 17

12:20 Vyborg Shipyard starts mooring trials of icebreaker Vladivostok

2014 November 26

14:12 Steel cutting ceremony held at Vyborg Shipyard for icebreaking supply vessel of project NB 511 under the order of Sovcomflot