2018 April 17

15:24 Rolls-Royce to supply innovative autocrossing system and propellers to 13 new ferries

2018 April 13

16:10 Rolls-Royce and Goa Shipyard Limited agree to manufacture MTU engines in India

2018 March 30

12:01 More MTU engines from Rolls-Royce destined for Majestic Ferry in Singapore

2018 March 23

17:20 IMO Tier III certification for MTU marine engines from Rolls-Royce

2018 March 22

16:30 Rolls-Royce completes the £1.3 million MAXCMAS research project
13:33 Open simulation platform launches with new partners

2018 March 15

15:31 Sanmar orders 42 Rolls-Royce thrusters

2018 March 7

11:09 Rolls-Royce offers ship navigators a bird’s-eye view with Intelligent Awareness game-changer

2018 March 4

14:13 Rolls-Royce waterjets and MTU engines selected for new fast ferries in Hong Kong

2018 February 22

16:02 The tall ship that harnesses the wind to recharge its batteries
12:12 Rolls-Royce to supply propellers and mission bay technology for UK Royal Navy’s Type 26 Global Combat Ship

2018 February 8

10:14 Rolls-Royce to provide tug sector with its first Hybrid System

2018 January 30

16:31 Rolls-Royce to upgrade six offshore vessels with battery packs

2018 January 26

07:15 Rolls-Royce opens autonomous ship research and development centre in Finland

2018 January 19

16:04 Rolls-Royce supplies MTU engines to equipment manufacturer Terex Cranes for two new Demag models

2018 January 18

13:12 Rolls-Royce announces strategic review of Commercial Marine operation

2017 December 22

11:32 Rolls-Royce partners with MOL to develop intelligent awareness for ships
09:58 MOL signs a deal with Rolls-Royce Marine on joint research of an advisory type Intelligent Awareness System

2017 December 15

10:30 Rolls-Royce delivers first mobile MTU gas engines for Rederij Doeksen

2017 November 30

10:08 Rolls-Royce, Color Line, Norled and the Norwegian Coastal Administration form research partnership to enable Zero Emission Ships

2017 November 28

15:04 Rolls-Royce opens first Ship Intelligence Experience Space

2017 November 14

11:58 Rolls-Royce unveils Crystal blue luxury yacht with advanced digital technology and hybrid propulsion

2017 November 7

11:09 Rolls-Royce to extend naval repair and overhaul services in the Gulf

2017 November 3

17:06 Rolls-Royce simplifies EU MRV requirements with new Energy Management Module

2017 October 3

17:01 Rolls-Royce joins forces with Google Cloud to help make autonomous ships a reality

2017 October 1

10:05 Rolls-Royce and Cammell Laird mark milestone for RRS Sir David Attenborough

2017 September 29

12:01 Rolls-Royce to supply advanced technology to ice class super yacht

2017 September 26

15:44 Rolls-Royce acquires technology for the electrically-assisted charging of MTU engines

2017 September 21

16:02 Rolls-Royce and Inmarsat sign ship energy management agreement

2017 September 15

14:02 Rolls-Royce delivers first EPA Tier 4-compliant propulsion from MTU for the San Francisco Water Emergency Transportation Authority

2017 September 12

14:51 Rolls-Royce reveals plans for autonomous Naval vessel

2017 August 30

16:39 Rolls-Royce to deliver ship design and equipment to a new fishing vessel

2017 August 4

10:40 Rolls-Royce and Mystic Cruises combine to launch eco-friendly expeditionary cruise ship

2017 July 19

18:11 Rolls-Royce signs new service agreement

2017 July 6

17:49 Rolls-Royce appoints Barney Wyld as Director, Corporate Affairs

2017 July 3

12:43 Rolls-Royce, DNV GL, NTNU, and SINTEF Ocean to establish simulation platform for creating future ships

2017 July 1

23:03 Rolls-Royce to design and equip new stern trawler for Icelandic fishing company HB Grandi

2017 June 22

12:01 Sanmar constructs the world’s first remotely operated commercial vessel

2017 June 20

15:44 AML acquires MVP product line from Rolls-Royce
14:07 Rolls-Royce demonstrates world’s first remotely operated commercial vessel

2017 June 18

12:08 Rolls-Royce to provide power for the world’s largest hybrid ferry

2017 June 1

17:06 Rolls-Royce wins order for 15 gas engines to five new ferries for Torghatten Nord

2017 May 31

17:00 Rolls-Royce launches next generation Energy Management System

2017 May 30

17:05 Rolls-Royce launches V-Line variant of B33:45 Engine
16:05 Rolls-Royce unveils new unified ship design

2017 May 25

08:39 Nor Lines and Rolls-Royce sign landmark Power-by-the-hour service agreement

2017 May 23

09:04 One Sea - Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem introduced roadmaps to autonomous shipping
08:40 Rolls-Royce uses MTU propulsion for biggest High-Speed Catamaran in the Mediterranean

2017 May 19

16:05 Rolls-Royce to deliver world’s first hybrid subsea crane

2017 May 17

13:02 Rolls-Royce to supply MT30 Gas Turbines to next three Korean Daegu-class frigates

2017 May 16

14:58 Rolls-Royce to supply second hybrid system to Norwegian Coastal Administration vessel

2017 May 10

17:52 New Helgoland Catamaran to get MTU engines and Kamewa waterjets from Rolls-Royce

2017 May 7

11:19 Rolls-Royce and Garden Reach agree to assemble MTU engines in India

2017 April 21

07:13 Rolls-Royce to provide mooring system for Statoil’s oil platform Njord A

2017 April 11

09:02 Rolls-Royce signs deal with Kleven to supply innovative automatic crossing system

2017 March 27

18:06 Rolls-Royce and Tampere University of Technology form strategic partnership to develop Autonomous Systems in Marine
17:16 Rolls-Royce signs MoU with Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore to develop smart ships
16:10 Rolls-Royce and MacGregor to explore implications of Autonomy for container ships

2017 March 23

16:40 MacGregor and Rolls-Royce to explore implications of autonomy for container ships

2017 March 20

17:49 Rolls-Royce and Stena Line to work together to develop intelligent awareness for ships