2018 December 7

16:26 BSAP updates move forward at HELCOM key meeting

2018 November 30

12:38 UN agrees to nine marine ecologically significant areas in the Baltic Sea

2018 November 27

14:10 HELCOM published report assessing coastal fish in the Baltic Sea

2018 November 19

14:33 OpenRisk launches guideline for risk management at sea to improve response to accidental spills

2018 November 9

12:48 WMU hosted final inter-regional Workshop on Risk Assessment Tools for Pollution Preparedness and Response

2018 October 25

15:50 HELCOM publishes reports on hazardous substances and input of nutrients to the Baltic Sea through the region biggest rivers

2018 September 28

12:55 HELCOM Maritime Working Group meets in Hamburg to approve current work and future agenda on maritime matters

2018 August 29

18:36 HELCOM contributes to the preparation of the UN's second World Ocean Assessment

2018 August 28

09:08 Baltic Sea region tests its ability to respond to major maritime incidents

2018 August 21

10:08 HELCOM publishes report on sewage port reception facilities in the Baltic Sea

2018 July 20

11:48 HELCOM shares its insights on marine litter and management of sea areas

2018 June 19

12:28 HELCOM Heads of Delegation approve Baltic Sea Action Plan update process and welcome new HELCOM Chair

2018 June 7

11:52 EUSBSR annual forum in Tallinn addressed Baltic Sea environmental challenges

2018 May 18

15:40 HELCOM group meets in Riga to discuss nutrients from land-based sources

2018 May 16

13:02 HELCOM and VASAB validate efforts on maritime spatial planning in the Baltic Sea region, advance new concepts during key meeting in Helsinki

2018 April 28

11:15 HELCOM-led project contributes to improving preparedness and response to pollution at sea during international workshop in Malta

2018 April 25

12:09 HELCOM progresses firmly towards reducing input of pollutants into the Baltic Sea

2018 April 20

14:24 HELCOM group meets in Berlin to focus on reducing land-based pollution affecting the Baltic Sea

2018 April 13

12:51 HELCOM shares insight on cross-sectoral cooperation to reach the SDGs in the Baltic Sea

2018 March 6

16:05 The Baltic Sea countries and the EU come together at the 2018 HELCOM Ministerial Meeting in Brussels

2018 March 1

16:03 HELCOM Ministerial Meeting to draw up course of action for the Baltic Sea

2018 February 18

09:21 Preparing to define the Baltic Sea’s significant marine areas

2018 January 28

18:11 Major Baltic Sea oil and chemical spill recovery exercise is taking shape - HELCOM

2017 December 17

07:04 HELCOM and BONUS tighten collaboration for the good of environmental protection action in the Baltic Sea

2017 December 12

17:50 Major Baltic Sea policies reviewed ahead of HELCOM Ministerial Meeting

2017 November 12

16:52 COMPLETE – A new project on ballast water and biofouling in the Baltic Sea region

2017 November 11

10:44 Baltic Sea response community prepares for major oil spill exercise in Sweden 2018
10:42 Agriculture authorities discuss ways of stopping nutrients from reaching the Baltic Sea

2017 October 31

17:06 HELCOM to test first pharmaceutical indicator and focus on improving the Marine Protected Area network

2017 October 25

11:31 HELCOM Pressure Group meeting to start on 24 October in Vilnius, Lithuania

2017 September 8

16:29 The Baltic Sea is well prepared for the entry into force of the Ballast Water Management Convention - HELCOM

2017 September 5

15:12 HELCOM, CBSS and stakeholders join forces to catalyse sustainable shipping in the Baltic Sea

2017 August 17

10:04 HELCOM and OSPAR release new online ballast water risk assessment tool

2017 July 14

17:53 First version of the HELCOM ‘State of the Baltic Sea’ report is now available

2017 July 3

17:12 HELCOM Map and Data Services fully renewed

2017 June 26

16:04 Upcoming State of the Baltic Sea report to be in focus in the 2018 HELCOM Ministerial Meeting

2017 June 9

16:32 HELCOM statement at the Ocean Conference highlights regional and cross-sectoral cooperation

2017 June 5

18:03 HELCOM contributes with voluntary commitments to enhance implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goal 14

2017 May 16

09:19 Use of regional HELCOM AIS data discussed at HELCOM Secretariat

2017 April 24

14:03 HELCOM Pressure Group meeting focuses on reducing the input of nutrients into the Baltic Sea

2017 April 11

17:36 HELCOM Maritime Working Group awarded the Baltic Sea Fund prize 2017
15:33 Baltic Sea Region goes green – progress check

2017 March 29

13:09 HELCOM to develop regional economic and social analyses on the marine environment

2017 March 16

16:05 HELCOM overview tracks progress of oiled wildlife response in the Baltic Sea countries

2017 March 14

11:32 HELCOM adopts new recommendation to promote sustainable sewage sludge handling

2017 March 6

13:56 BPO welcomes work plans for the Cooperation Platform on Port Reception Facilities

2017 February 27

11:13 HELCOM session on 28 February 2017 to agree on a plan to implement ocean-related UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Baltic Sea region

2017 January 24

16:39 Baltic environment in focus of international forum held in Russia

2016 December 20

15:36 Countries keep active in mitigating Baltic pollution hot spots

2016 November 12

17:48 New HELCOM project on evaluating risks for oil spills will start 2017

2016 November 10

16:37 More transparency and political leadership called for in HELCOM seminar

2016 November 9

17:06 Clean shipping discussed at the Baltic Strategy Forum in Stockholm
12:54 HELCOM State and Conservation Working Group convenes in Tallinn

2016 November 7

16:03 ​​​HELCOM to host seminar about sectors' role in reducing pollution in the Baltic 8 November 2016

2016 October 27

11:00 Clean-up of toxic waste site Krasnyi Bor discussed by HELCOM

2016 October 19

16:49 New HELCOM assessment on networks of marine protected areas

2016 October 6

16:33 Pollution response on Baltic shores gets refined
16:07 Rapid fall in SOx emissions observed at the HELCOM meeting in Tallinn

2016 September 9

17:30 HELCOM releases new version of Baltic Sea Clean Shipping Guide

2016 July 1

17:01 HELCOM promotes cleaner practices for ships’ sewage