2018 September 3

14:23 China Harbor Engineering Company started dredging at maritime approach channel to Ukrainean port of Chornomorsk
13:56 USPA signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Qatar Ports Management Company

2018 June 9

12:35 Black Sea ports signed an action plan to revive cruise shipping for the next 3 years

2018 June 8

17:56 USPA has launched Investportal

2018 June 5

13:19 ESPO welcomes the Ukrainian ports as observer member

2018 June 4

11:28 Ukraine launches urgently needed port sector reforms

2018 January 30

13:03 Ukrainian Sea Ports Association receives observer status at ESPO

2017 December 7

14:14 USPA and EBRD signed an Agreement on joint development of concession projects in two ports

2017 November 29

11:36 Ukraine to work with port of Rotterdam

2017 October 20

16:28 USPA announced tender for construction of berth 1-z in Port of Odessa

2017 October 2

12:36 USPA and Busan Port Authority agree on bilateral cooperation

2017 August 28

17:34 Ukraine’s Cabinet approves financial plan of USPA
16:26 USPA will allocate 3.9 billion UAH for investment projects in 2017

2017 July 20

10:36 USPA submits to Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure a revised draft of the Port Dues Methodology

2017 July 13

12:19 USPA continues operational dredging in Chernomorsk port
11:11 Yuzhny acknowledged as an example of development for Ukrainian ports
10:52 USPA undertakes reconstruction of Odessa seport's berth No. 7

2017 July 7

18:09 Approach channel to Chernomorsk seaport (Ukraine) will be 16 metres deep

2017 June 27

10:48 Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine appoints new Head of USPA's Nikolaev branch

2017 June 23

13:16 USPA will update the dredging and ecological security fleet of Ukraine

2017 June 20

17:59 USPA concluded agreement with Novadeal LTD for operational dredging of Yuzhny port's water area

2017 June 19

11:27 USPA, Novadeal LTD to sign contract for operational dredging of Yuzhny port’s water area

2017 June 8

10:37 Ukrainian Seaports Authority and World Bank to update Ports Development Strategy

2017 April 6

14:54 Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority presents port infrastructure development plans to leading contractors

2017 March 27

10:09 World’s leading dredging companies took part in tender for Yuzhny port projects
09:33 Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority will present projects of port infrastructure development

2017 March 21

17:26 USPA to simplify contract documentation in accordance with FIDIC standards
16:50 USPA specified criteria and documents necessary to obtain status of port operator

2017 February 27

12:01 Ukrainian Seaports Authority improved dredging documentation

2017 February 20

16:44 USPA to expand range of tenderers for port infrastructure development

2017 February 13

15:05 USPA to conduct financial audit in compliance with international standards
14:38 USPA presented market development plans to world's dredging companies

2017 January 18

16:45 Acting Chairman of USPA calls upon strengthening of dialogue between industry leaders and ports’ society
15:54 The new head of USPA criticized the management of Odessa port

2016 March 28

11:46 Agreement is signed under Cargill investment project in Yuzhnyi seaport

2015 July 2

17:36 USPA to bring depth to design characteristics in Khlebnaya and Quarantine harbors of Odessa port

2015 April 24

13:13 USPA working towards replacement of paper documents flow in seaports for electronic