2017 December 27

15:03 Pella shipyard launched two medium-sized refrigerator trawlers of Project 1701 for Murmansk based companies (photo)

2017 December 4

14:50 Yantar Shipyard to build a freezing trawler for Preobrazhensky Base of Trawling Fleet (photo, graphics)

2017 November 22

14:22 Okskaya shipyard will build a series of six trawlers for fishing company Variant

2017 October 26

09:46 Admiralteiskie Verfi to build six trawlers for Russian Fishery Company (photo)

2017 September 15

16:48 Pella Shipyard (Leningrad Region) lays down a trawler for Murmanseld-2

2017 June 16

10:01 Pella shipyard, Eridan and Strelets sign contracts for construction of two medium-sized refrigerator trawlers

2017 June 1

10:29 Vyborg Shipyard lays down lead ship of new processing trawlers series

2017 May 19

15:46 Vyborg Shipyard will build two trawlers of Project ST-116XL-FOR for FOR GROUP

2017 March 24

17:03 Yantar shipyard lays down the third trawler of Project SK-3101R

2016 December 19

12:18 Vyborg Shipyard will build two medium-size trawlers of Project ST-116 for Nord Pilgrim

2016 November 25

14:32 Yantar shipyard laid down yet another trawler of Project SK-3101R (graphics)

2016 November 21

16:55 Yantar shipyard will lay down the second trawler of Project SK-3101R on November 25 (graphics)

2016 September 5

11:48 Yantar shipyard starts construction of second trawler of Project SK-3101R for Kamchatka (photo)

2016 May 30

14:07 Steel-cutting ceremony for trawler of Project SK-3101R held at Yantar shipyard (photo, graphics)