• 2015 June 24

    Igor Tonkovidov, Sovcomflot Executive Vice-President, Chief Technical Officer of SCF Group

    On vital issues of shipping and shipbuilding development

    - Designers, shipbuilders and fleet operators should work together as all the sides have their own experience.

    Design bureau is not always able to see the challenges and top priorities evident for a company operating vessels. Besides, there is a shipbuilder between them which, on the one hand, should offer the most competitive design and, on the other hand, ensure the highest technological efficiency allowing for construction costs reduction to build a more competitive product.

    So, the three points of view will combine and complement each other.

    Written by IAA PortNews at the international conference “Vital issues of shipping and shipbuilding development” (June 23-24, Saint-Petersburg) organized by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS), State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg and Sovcomflot.

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