• 2015 July 13

    Russian President Vladimir Putin

    On creation of favorable investment climate in the Far East

    - We are talking about creating areas of accelerated development and offering certain incentives to economic actors. We are talking about reducing taxes on so-called greenfield projects – I am referring to facilities that start from scratch. We are discussing a number of other preferences and benefits to be granted to companies that are going to start doing business in the eastern parts of the country, such as, for example, building free ports, and so on and so forth...

    In the near future (as I said in my opening remarks), we intend to organise an economic summit for the first time in the Far East, and I have informed our colleagues from China. We invite Chinese businesses to participate in this forum and we will give you the details on all the opportunities that are opening up in the Far East. I think that Chinese companies could participate and make a significant contribution to attaining the goals that we set for ourselves in the region – to their advantage, of course.

    From the news conference by Vladimir Putin following the BRICS and SCO summits