• 2015 August 18

    Leonid Stepanyuk, Chairman of KCCI Committee for Transport and Customs Policy, Director General of DSV TRANSPORT Ltd.

    On prospects to attract transit cargo to the Kaliningrad Region

    - Sanctions have certainly complicated our operation. Of course, we would like to discuss with our colleagues (at the Baltic Transport Forum in Kaliningrad - Ed.) the following issues: food embargo, challenges of interaction with EU and the ways to ensure efficient transit of cargo from China to Russia via Baltic ports.

    Cargo flows to Europe have definitely seen the decrease and redistribution. The amount of cargo delivered from Russia to Kaliningrad is several times as much as the amount of Kaliningrad cargo delivered to Russia today. So we would like to attract transit flows to compensate for the loss of import flows. We will also bring up the issue of ferry transit – the link between Kaliningrad and Saint-Petersburg.

    We believe that container transit from Kaliningrad is too low and we try to develop this sector. We see our prospects and competitiveness in terms of prices and quality of 3PL services. Of course, the situation with Avtotor (Kaliningrad Region based manufacturer of automobiles – Ed.) has not helped the situation with transport business in the region. But our container terminal can handle European and American containers, even sanction cargoes which go to, let’s say, Kazakhstan.

    Our advantage is the status of the free economic zone providing customs payment exemption. A number of companies take advantage of it today. Besides, duty-free transit from Kaliningrad to Russia comes into effect from September.

    Another interesting issue to discuss is the container train from China to European. It is wonderful to have an opportunity, apart from transportation by sea and by air, to deliver freight by railways directly from China to Warsaw and further to our clients in Kaliningrad.

    We will discuss these and other issues at the Baltic Transport Forum in September.

    Press center of  the Baltic Transport Forum.

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