• 2016 January 21

    Sergei Larionov, Director General of LORP, OJSC

    On plans for Company’s fleet renovation and shipbuilding revival in Zhatai

    - As of today, construction of two barges of Project ROB07 for our company is nearing completion at Nobel Shipyard. According to the schedule, they are to be ready in July and September of the current year. Fuel and energy resources constitute 70% of our company’s cargo base. The design of new vessels of Project ROB07 takes into consideration the requirements of MARPOL and special requirements of Russian and international oil companies. The vessels have double bottoms and double sides and are intended for transportation of crude and oil products without cargo flash point restrictions, which is very important.

    We are reviving shipbuilding at our base in Zhatai. We renovate and build vessels out of the funds of the Republic Investment Company … . In soviet times, Zhatai shipyard used to deliver river ships, tugboats and barges every year. To resume production, we should expand shipbuilding premises at the horizontal part of the slipway, put into operation outfitting quay, build 3 ship assembly facilities, upgrade equipment at the workshops, carry out infrastructure renovation and modernization. 

    If everything is done according to the plan, Yakutia will commence launching ships of in-house production as soon as in three years (which is the period needed for Zhatai shipyard modernization) and Zhatai, the settlement of river workers will see considerable changes. We will continue working and the Republic Government helps us to achieve our common target – renovation of the fleet for river industry in the Northern region. It is a very important task which makes river industry workers move ahead with optimism.

    From the statement of Yakutia’s Ministry of Transport and Road Facilities.

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