• 2016 February 1

    Dmitry Narezhny, Analytical Expert, Freight Traffic Research Department, IPEM

    On prospects of crude and oil products transportation by railways

    - According to IPEM estimations, the trend towards reduction of crude oil shipments will retain in 2016 and will be associated with the introduction of new pipelines. Loading of energy gas will grow together with the growth of domestic consumption while loading of other oil products will either remain flat or will grow slightly which will depend on the fluctuation of the economic situation in the country.

    In 2015, loading of crude oil and petroleum products at Russian railways totaled 251.2 mln t, which is a 2-pct decrease as compared with the previous year. The share of crude and oil products was almost the same as in 2014 – 10.2% (-0.1%). Yet, … loading of export crude and oil products increased by 1%, while loading for transportation within the country fell by 4.5%.

    …. In the nearest future we will see the results of the “tax maneuver” undertaken in 2015. It may bring the loading of export oil products.

    Published by the Institute of Natural Monopolies Research (IPEM)

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