• 2016 April 15

    Russian President Vladimir Putin

    On status of inland water ways in Russia

    In certain localities, I am not sure how it is going to be this time, but in the past few years a boat would arrive at a certain point, the passengers would disembark, then take a bus to cover that portion of their itinerary, and then re-embark on the boat, because the water was too shallow for the boat to negotiate it.

    It is necessary to clean river beds. We must also pay attention to hydraulic facilities, which also pose problems. We are not going to discuss them now, but these problems have remained unresolved for years, if not decades.

    Of course, it’s also a matter of the purity of water in the Volga delta, which is home to some wonderful and unusual fauna, including sturgeon. Do you know how wide the Volga delta is? 290 kilometres. It is one of the world’s largest deltas comparable to the Mississippi. This is a universe of its own, and, of course, it needs our special attention.

    Transcript from Direct Line with Vladimir Putin