• 2016 May 6

    Minister for Development of the Far East of Russia, Alexander Galushka

    "The new points of growth today have been created in the Far East, the territories of priority development, the Free Port of Vladivostok, investment projects, for which the state provides subsidies to create infrastructure, the Development Fund of the Far East has started working. All this has now become a reality, not just plans, not only the intentions in the Far East...”

    "12 priority development territories, ten projects are receiving infrastructural support from the government, the Development Fund of the Far East has allocated funds for seven projects..."

    "To date, the total volume of attracted investments through new mechanisms of development of the Far East has reached 1 trillion and 30 billion rubles, of which 950 billion rubles are private investments and 80 billion rubles are public investments. Thus, the efficiency, multiplier is one to twelve, for one ruble from the budget we get, attract 12 rubles of private investment. These projects will create 55,000 new jobs. We reasonably expect that by the end of the year investments will exceed 2 trillion rubles."

    Quotes from the Ministry's the press release

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