• 2016 May 27

    Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin

    On development of the Northern Sea Route and unified transport and logistics operator in the Arctic

    - The Northern Sea Route development is an ambitious task and we should begin with the rates policy and coordination of state customers’ orders for cargo transportation to reduce so called dead freight. Proper arrangements in this respect alone will let save 15 to 20% of annual budget allocations.

    The expert community shares the opinion on the high time to establish a unified transport and logistics operator in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. Meanwhile, experts say it is necessary to correlate the activities of the operator with the establishment of a unified center of navigation under the Northern Sea Route Administration, which, apparently, means additional authorities and functions for it …

    I think the operator will be a ‘host’ of the Northern Sea Route. We need a special, dedicated, thorough and competent operator. I ask the Ministry of Transport for a prompt work on this issue.

    Recorded by IAA PortNews journalist at the joint meeting of RF Government’s Marine Board and the Presidium of the State Commission for Arctic Development (Arkhangelsk, 24th May 2016).

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