• 2016 December 12

    Arkhangelsk Region Governor Igor Orlov

    About plans on Northern Sea Route development, shipbuilding and deepwater port construction

    - If we manage to arrange the Northern Sea Route within a reasonable period of time it will allow for more economically expedient supplies of fish resources from the Far East. We have performed preliminary calculations and they show that it takes a trawler seven days to get from Chukotka to Vladivostok and it also takes seven days to get here.

    Each region strives for in-house processing of its raw materials but the amount of fish caught in the Far East exceeds the capacity of local facilities. We have negotiated with an investor willing to build a fish processing facility here and we are set to support projects in this sphere.

    Another cluster is shipbuilding. We continue developing Severodvinsk and looking into involving small size and medium size businesses into the cluster…

    … We consider the deepwater port as a necessary component of the infrastructure, a logical end to Belkomur. If the Belkomur project, which is being negotiated today, is realized, it will require port facilities to handle cargoes transported by railways. There is a port in Arkhangelsk with only half of its capacity employed – so our port will be enough for the first phase of Belkomur. But our Chinese partners have brought up an issue of building a deepwater port and they are willing to invest in construction. We have signed an agreement and allotted a plot of land. We understand what sort of transport and logistics solutions is required. Of course, we are interested in construction of a deepwater port.  A company has been set up to run the project. The work is going on steadily and consistently but I would not say that all the decisions have been made. The key focus is on the Belkomur project today.

    From the interview with RIA News agency

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