• 2016 December 26

    Russian President Vladimir Putin

    On the Northern Latitudinal Railway, port Sabetta and infrastructure support of industrial projects

    - This (construction of the Northern Latitudinal Railway – Ed.) will be implemented as soon as it is recognised that this is economically expedient, when it becomes clear that this project will generate profit. On the whole, we are very close to implementing it. This is a good and much-needed project for our country's economy as it will diversify our transport system, ease the load on the Trans-Siberian Railway and make it possible to load at a Yamal port which is currently under construction, the Sabetta port. Many opportunities are opening up.

    The port is, on the whole, already functioning. One of the largest enterprises will be established there now. The project is effectively developing. I mean Yamal LNG. It is probably one of the largest such projects in the world today. It is amazing how NOVATEK with its European and Chinese partners, and there are still more partners, including the Japanese, has managed, under such conditions and within such a short time, to push forward the implementation of such a large-scale plan. I am happy for them and hope that they will complete everything, despite all problems that some are trying to cause them. Why? It is hard to understand. I hope that common sense will prevail and those problems will disappear. Yet, it is already clear to me now that the project will be implemented.

    As major industrial projects take shape, the need for infrastructure support will increase. I am convinced that we will get down to that too. And frankly, the sooner, the better.

    Transcript from Vladimir Putin’s annual news conference.