• 2017 January 25

    RF Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov

    On establishment of Russian Transport University

    - MIIT (Moscow State University of Railway Engineering) has been handed over to the Ministry of Transport of Russia for establishment of Russian Transport University. It should become a driver of intellectual and innovative development, generator of new knowledge for the entire transport industry, one of the global leaders in the sphere of transport education.

    Such changes will let the university improve the system of transport education and vocational guidance, develop cooperation with foreign countries in training of specialists for the transport industry and highly-qualified academic personnel. This will increase the scope of the R&D work carried out at the university for the transport sector, improve the basic infrastructure including residential and testing facilities, simulator and sport centers.

    I hope that the university will become a higher educational institution of new type, which will train students in view of the cutting-edge integration and technological processes, as a perfect platform for the development of new ideas, like the projects based on private-public partnership.

    From the statement of the Ministry of Transport