• 2017 February 2

    Vladimir Kapustin, Director General of VNIPIneft

    On Russian refineries modernization programme and on demand for new types of marine fuel

    - Broad modernization of oil refining industry in Russia has been in progress from 2011 under a four party agreement between oil companies, FAS, Ministry of Energy and Rostechnadzor. The relationship secured by the agreement let considerably change the technological structure of production and the range of products. In particular, there is a plan to put into operation and upgrade 133 processing units by 2020.

    The industry development strategy till 2035 foresees the increase of petrol production (2020 – 47.9 mln t; 2035 – 57.0 mln t), diesel fuel (2020 – 95.3 mln t; 2035 – 117.0 mln t), aviation kerosine (2020 – 15.0 mln t; 2035 – 16.0 mt) with the reduction of heating oil production.
    The share of hydrocracking product will also increase. It can be a component low sulphur bunker fuel.

    Among the key activities and technologies of low sulphur bunker production: 
    -  Production of fuel from oil with low sulphur content – Achinsk, Volgograd, Afipsky, Novoshakhtinsk, Omsk and other refineries –1.0 wt % of sulphur in heavy fuel and 0.1 wt % - in light ship bunker; 
    - Production of fuel from catalytic hydrocracking products and residue; 
    - Gasoil cut distillate hydrotreating in high-pressure units;
    - Preference to light ship bunker – diesel fuel – as an alternative to heavy fuel oil and involvement of low sulphur diesel fuel in production of ship bunker; 
    There are following alternatives complying with International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships:
    - natural gas, biofuel;
    - application of special technologies of sulphur dioxide catching and cleaning; 
    - application of innovative residue reduction technologies.

    Vladimir Kapustin will tell more on the issue in his report at the X Forum “Current State and Prospects for Development of Russian Bunker Services Market” which will be held in Saint-Petersburg on June 29-30, 2017. The Organizer of the event is Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers. For more information, please call 380-43-88 or visit >>>>

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