• 2017 April 7

    Vitaly Klyuev, Director of the Department of State Policy for Maritime and River Transport, Transport Ministry of Russia

    On prospects of using NGV fuel for shipping in Russia

    - 91 new vessels appeared in Russia in 2016. All of them will run on liquid fuel. But ship owners look positively into reconstruction of vessels to ensure their duel-fuel operation – and I am sure, that should be done. I would agree that such reconstruction is not reasonable for a vessel which is 50 years old, but it is quite normal for a 5 - year old ship. 

    For vessels, the construction of which is financed by state funds (Rosmorport, Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot, engineering ships), we foresee (where it is possible) their equipment with duel-fuel systems allowing for operation on NGV fuel as well.

    There are projects of NGV fuel bunkering ships. In my opinion, they are quite promising as such bunkering ships can be fuelled at a shore station (even if there is only one station in the Baltic Sea) and supply bunker in different places. This will facilitate the appearance of vessels running on NGV fuel and will even let arrange export of bunkering services ...

    Apparently, certain formats of private-public partnership should be found for easing of some regulatory requirements to encourage investments in maritime infrastructure and construction of required seagoing ships. But here we have to listen to the business community to know about the possible challenges.

    Comment contributed to IAA PortNews.

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