• 2017 June 15

    Roman Trotsenko, head of AEON Corporation

    About investment attractiveness of stevedoring business

    I arrange the work with stevedoring companies and ship owners under the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP). Many of them are concerned about the regulations being changed by FAS. I think we have managed to settle the dust to a great extent. FAS has explained its position. I would explain several things: investments in ports are always large and it takes many years to pay back. The fields where lacking port facilities require new investments that are primarily undertaken by private companies. However, they can do that only if they are sure about the return of their resources tomorrow. In this respect FAS should act predictably, that is not to change the rules immediately. On the other hand, the stevedores should not try to raise the cost of their services unexpectedly, since it influences the consignors and destabilizes the entire system. 

    Our task within RSPP is to find the framework making this business more interesting for investments…

    Secondly, we have agreed with FAS on conducting a deep research of competition at each particular place... 

    We expect a ‘white book’ on stevedoring business in Russia. That is something we have agreed upon with FAS and Transport Ministry. This work will be performed during this year. We have managed to reach a compromise which generally satisfies most of the market players.

    From an interview with Maria Todorova, correspondent of Izvestiya