• 2017 July 26

    Kitack Lim, Secretary-General, International Maritime Organization

    On energy-efficiency measures for ships

    -There is a list of identified barriers standing in the way of developing significant and long-lasting improvements to energy efficiency in the shipping sector. Some of them are technical, some are financial, some are institutional and some relate to the human element. It is relatively easy to identify these hurdles. But solving them requires innovation, blue-sky thinking, and working together through a collaborative and common approach.

    So partnerships like the GIA can help tackle some of those barriers faced by the industry, in practical and concrete ways. We envisage that some real stepping stones will be provided for shipping on its journey towards a low-carbon future. Some possible areas for collaboration that could deliver practical answers to overcome some of these barriers include energy efficiency technologies and best practices, alternative fuels and energy carriers, digital transformation, finance and the human element – to name a few.

    ... IMO has taken a two-pronged approach towards supporting shipping to a green future. Firstly, regulatory – by adopting mandatory technical and operational energy-efficiency measures for ships. And secondly, by focusing on the implementation, through capacity-building and technical cooperation projects that can support technology transfer and uptake by the industry.

    Transcript of GIA launch speech.

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