• 2017 October 19

    Victor Basargin, Head of RosTransNadzor

    On risk-based approach to control activities

    -  RosTransNadzor is working hard to prevent violations. There are more than 300,000 subjects subordinate to the Agency.

    We are currently transiting to a risk-based approach when making decisions on inspection of transport companies. The Agency has become more transparent: we have streamlined everything related to obligatory requirements applied by RosTransNadzor to its subordinate subjects. 

    Starting from the next year, regular inspections will be performed only with checklists based on risk categories.

    If a company has no violations, it is not considered as a risk entity, hence less inspecions.

    I would like to note that the recent two years have seen a reduction of inspections by almost a half and we hope for an adequate result with the number of violations showing no growth. 

    I emphasize the efficiency of RosTransNadzor’s activities is not measured by the number of inspections or the number of violations. When evaluating our performance we look at the number of incidents, the scope of financial damage and the death toll.

    Comment recorded by IAA PortNews at the public discussion of regulatory enforcement at RosTransNadzor’s North-Western Department (Saint-Petersburg, 18 October 2017).

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