• 2017 November 27

    German Yelyanyushkin, Head of FSBI Moscow Canal

    On development of shipping through Moscow Canal

    - Current capacity of our infrastructure facilities allows for multiplying the traffic. The business should only use that adequately. As of today, cargo transshipment at inland water ways of the Moscow Basin is of special significance in view of large scale investment projects in the central region. And Moscow Canal, with its berth facilities, plays an important role in this process...

    With the support of the Federal Marine and River Transport Agency, FSBI Moscow Canal creates conditions necessary for the development of up-to-date shipping market in the Moscow Basin. Its active integration into the federal and global transport and logistic schemes lets meet the challenges of passenger and cargo transportation without a traffic standstill. The development of waterways lets unload highways and railways and ensures balanced distribution of cargo flows.

    From the statement of FSBI Moscow Canal.