• 2017 December 7

    Oleg Savchenko, Deputy Director of CNII SET, Krylov State Research Center

    About unique equipment for a unique ship

    - Flag hoisting ceremony at the new icebreaker, Ilya Muromets, was held on 30 November. The ship been built to the order of RF Navy is intended to strengthen its Arctic group. That multi-functional vessel can also perform rescue and towing operations. To ensure high maneuverability required for such purposes, CNII SET had developed a unique electric propulsion system. It features converter equipment of a new type, the core of the entire propulsion system. 

    … Introduction of a technology based on frequency converters of domestic origin will let decrease the dependence of domestic shipbuilding on foreign equipment and components. Active converters contribute to compactness of the vessel’s electric propulsion unit, improve the quality of electric energy in ship's power mains, ensure higher performance and power efficiency of the entire propulsion system. 

    The market of civil ships offers great prospects for this technology. The electric propulsion system based on active converters allows for recuperation of ship's power mains with subsequent recharging of electric batteries. This solution will let increase the efficiency of the entire electric plan and ensure high level of reservation of power sources to improve general reliability of the system. 

    This solution will also ensure the highest environmental friendliness of the ship with no СО2 emissions as well as vibronoise signature reduction. That is especially important for the fishing fleet, research ships and vessels operating in the regions with tough environmental requirements.

    It also should be noted that this project (new converter and electric propulsion system based on it) has driven the development of a naval electrical engineering cluster.