• 2017 December 14

    Mikhail Guzychenko, deputy head of Russian Railways’ Kaliningrad Region center

    On Ust-Luga-Baltijsk ferry line

    Railway ferry link between Baltijsk and Ust-Luga is a lifeline.

    Two ferryboats with the capacity of 110 and 130 wagon units operate at the line today. The cover the distance between the ports for 32-36 hours. Loading/unloading operations at the ports take 13-16 hours. Annual cargo turnover of the line is 1.3 mln t.  

    However, the ferry line capacity is limited. In this context I remind about the decision to build three more high-speed ferryboats for 66 wagon units each. The will be powered by LNG. Allocating investment support is under consideration.
    Recorded by IAA PortNews at the Freight One round-table meeting in Saint-Petersburg.