• 2017 December 19

    Pavel Ivankin, Chairman of the Council of Experts, Institute for Railway Transport Research

    On capacity of railway approaches to ports

    - Azov-Black Sea Basin is a challenging region with a combination of different interests – development of port Novorossiysk and a number of dry ports. There is a conflict of stakeholders’ interests in the region, there is an investment programme on construction of a railway round the Krasnodar hub. The Crimea railway bridge is about to be put into operation. All those aspects draw the attention of the community of professionals. They are to be discussed with the colleagues in the framework of the Forum (YugTrans 2018 – Ed.).
    Besides, there is a problem of railways debottlenecking when the cargo flow increases. With the shortest distance between cargo stations having changed, cargo carriers can face increased tariffs. I would like to discuss the details of this problem at the Forum. The policy of Russian Railways on debottlenecking of its network (which exceeds 9,000 km today) demands careful attention of the customers.  

    Organization Committee of YugTrans 2018.