• 2018 February 20

    Maxim Oreshkin, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

    On the problems related to infrastructure projects

    - What are the problematic issues? The first is the ratio of private investment projects and investment in infrastructure. We requested that there be a linkage between the specific infrastructure project that is being implemented and those projects that can be followed by the infrastructure ‘de-bottlenecking’. The ratio is 2:1 as of now, but should be more. And there are situations when there are infrastructure facilities, and there yet are no investment projects that will be implemented due to these infrastructure facilities available...

    There are also few stories related to special development zones. We see industrial clusters, special economic zones, they work very well when there is full connection to infrastructure. Often such facilities are available, and some ‘bottlenecks’ need to be removed. The number of investment projects that can be implemented is large. Therefore, complex projects related to agglomerations, with special zones for the development of industry and other sectors of the economy, are also very important.

    The third point, which I would pay attention to. A number of facilities are funded completely from the federal budget. It is necessary to consider it very carefully: often financing from the federal budget through other instruments can be decreased, through attracting private investors, imposing fees for using a facility and a number of other possibilities. Here we must carefully consider how to better finance these or other objects.

    Said at the meeting with the regional authorities within the framework of Russian investment forum Sochi 2018,