• 2013 January 25

    Mikhail Aivazov

    Director General of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

    - The priorities set up by the state program “Development of Shipbuilding in 2013–2030” will let develop the domestic shipbuilding market with consideration of its specialization on hi-tech equipment, in particular, for offshore field facilities, their support and  energy supply fleet, icebreaking fleet, high ice class vessels. 

    It is important to note that specialization on construction of the above marine facilities on one hand reflect technological specificity and capability of Russian shipyards and on the other hand meet the annually growing demand caused by intensive development of off-shore fields. 

    The program’s considerable part is dedicated to the development of naval shipbuilding. It should be noted, that participation of the RS in shipbuilding and ship repair projects of RF Navy has increased significantly during the last two years. A number of special-purpose and auxiliary vessels were built according to requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. This fact proves the state’s striving to design and build warships and auxiliary vessels with consideration of innovative achievements of the global shipbuilding. Meanwhile, the provisions are made to meet the requirements of international conventions on safe navigation and environmental protection which is necessary condition for unhindered navigation of naval ships and vessels in international waters and unimpeded calls on foreign seaports. 

    Operation of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping as a national classification society depends directly on the situation in Russia’s domestic shipbuilding industry. The program “Development of Shipbuilding in 2013–2030” enables the RS to considerably expand the range of services provided to national customers. 

    It is encouraging that the program makes provisions to solve the tasks on advancing the sci-tech platform with consideration of specific characteristics and potential of the national shipbuilding industry. 

    Quoted from materials provided by RS press center.