2017 November 24

20:49 Pella Shipyard launches Karakurt-class first serial corvette (Project 2280) ‘Typhoon’
16:46 Cargo traffic in Kama Basin of Russia’s IWW grew by 22.4% to 13.40 mln t (photo)
15:59 State Duma approves prolongation of RF Government Decree No 383 through 2019
15:28 Bolwerk LLC selected as general contractor to build an international marine terminal in Pionersky, Kaliningrad Region
13:29 Navigation season is over in White Sea – Onega Lake Basin of Russia’s IWW (photo)
12:12 Lead buoy tender of Project BLV04 build for FSUE Rosmorport is put into operation (photo)

2017 November 23

15:44 Okskaya shipyard lays down the first non-self-propelled oil barge in a series of ten vessels ordered by STLC
12:36 Russia’s General Board of State Expert Review approves Phase I of Bagayevsky Hydrosystem project

2017 November 22

14:44 Throughput of port Ust-Luga up 11% to 85.04 mln t in 10M’17
14:22 Okskaya shipyard will build a series of six trawlers for fishing company Variant
12:15 Throughput of Big Port St. Petersburg up 10% to 44.01 mln t in 10M’17
11:46 Navigation season at the main route of the Volga-Baltic Waterway is over (photo)
09:44 Composit LLC supports “Hydraulic Engineering Structures of Water Transport” Congress as its Sponsor

2017 November 21

13:05 Russia’s General Board of State Expert Review approves Kola Yard project (photo)
11:58 Assembling of Crimea Bridge’s motor vehicle part completed at one of the four sea sections (photo)

2017 November 20

14:29 National Fish Resources to invest RUB 3-4 bln in creation of a fishery cluster in the Kaliningrad Region
11:12 Onezhsky Shipyard launches floating bridges built for a residential area in Petrozavodsk (photo)
10:05 Nonius Engineering supports “Hydraulic Engineering Structures of Water Transport” Congress as its Sponsor
09:43 Commercial Sea Port of Ust-Luga performs unique unloading operation (photo)
08:18 First shipload of liquefied natural gas to Northern Finland delivered to Manga LNG terminal

2017 November 17

17:20 Sevmash floated out nuclear-powered missile submarine Knyaz Vladimir (photo)
16:45 Yantar Shipyard launches first trawler of Project SK-3101R for Kamchatka fishing company (photo)
15:58 Onezhsky shipyard lays down Yury Maslyukov dredger of Damen TSHD 2000 design (photo)
14:37 Water Transport newspaper will celebrate its centenary in 2018
13:45 MSCC Bronka set to increase its heavy cargo transshipment capacity
13:14 Vostochny Port extends its collective labor contract for three years

2017 November 16

16:51 Severnaya Verf will build six processing trawlers for Norebo Holding (photo)
13:49 Murmansk Sea Fishing Port handled 290,100 t in 10M’17, up 13.7% to (photo)
13:25 Sergey Kireev appointed as interim General Director of PJSC NCSP
10:50 Vostochny Port has shipped 400 mln t of coal from the date of its foundation (photo)

2017 November 15

18:00 RF Transport Ministry supports “Hydraulic Engineering Structures of Water Transport” Congress
17:12 Navigation season closed at inland water ways of the Amur Basin (photo)
10:38 RF Government approves expansion of port Vladivostok for construction of coal terminal (document)
10:19 Hydraulic engineering is now on the list of qualifications of national registers

2017 November 14

17:52 NCSP volumes for 10M 2017 totaled 119.8 million tons, down 2.3% Y-o-Y
17:19 Throughput of port Kavkaz up 40% to 35.78 mln t in 10M’17
16:50 Baltic Sea Ports Administration: Sea Port Portal facilitates customs procedures at the Baltic ports of Russia
14:32 Navigation on rivers and canals of Saint-Petersburg to be closed from November 16
12:54 Navigation season at inland water ways of the North Dvina Basin is over (photo)
11:02 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard to lay down fourth minesweeper of Project 12700 for RF Navy before the end of 2017

2017 November 13

13:25 Yenisei River Shipping Company carried 3.20 mln t of cargo in the navigation season 2017 (photo)
12:49 Trial connections of stacker and reclaimer mechanisms successfully completed at Phase III of Vostochny Port's coal terminal (photo)
10:40 RF Government approves the Strategy for the Development of Sea Ports in the Caspian Sea (document)
09:54 Throughput of Russian seaports in 10M’17 grew by 9.3% to 649.5 mln t
09:31 Lock No 9 of the White Sea – Baltic Sea Canal put into operation after reconstruction (photo)

2017 November 10

15:48 Maritime logistics issues discussed at the Dutch Consulate General in Saint-Petersburg (photo)
14:59 Zvyozdochka takes delivery of two new tugboats built by the shipyard’s subsidiary (photo)
12:45 Beloomutsky lock put into operation on the Oka river (photo)
09:34 Economic parameters of Zvezda project for providing state subsidies published at federal portal for legal information (document)

2017 November 9

17:57 Flag-hoisting ceremony held at IBSBV Fedor Ushakov (photo)
15:03 Draft regulations on oil spill response exercises brought up for public discussions (document)
14:39 Media Group PortNews will hold “Hydraulic Engineering Structures of Water Transport” Congress in Moscow on 7-8 February 2018
13:48 Throughput of port Taganrog up 26.9% to 2.415 mln t in 10M’17
13:25 Yevgeny Savkin appointed as Acting Director General of Commercial Sea Port of Ust-Luga (photo)

2017 November 8

14:25 Navigation is over at inland water ways of Pechora Basin
10:31 Vostochny Port exported more than 2 mln t of coal in October 2017, up 14.7% Y-o-Y (photo)

2017 November 7

18:16 Okskaya Sudoverf will build a series of oil barges
17:23 Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot takes delivery of two boom-laying boats (photo)
16:19 RosTransModernizatsiya orders construction of railway approaches to Taman port’s dry cargo area
13:21 Freight turnover of Neva-Metal (Saint-Petersburg) in Jan-Oct'17 was flat Y-o-Y at 2.6 mln t

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