2017 July 27

17:55 Functioning of Kaliningrad Region SEZ will be extended to 2095, its territory to be expanded with ports
15:23 DAMEN supports conference “LNG Fleet and LNG Bunkering in Russia” as its Sponsor
14:50 Materials for “PortNews. Port Service.” journal can be contributed by 4 August 2017
13:48 Volgogradneftemash JSC shipped large-size equipment for TAIF-NK (photo)
12:49 Trest Godromontazh JSC will reconstruct hydraulic engineering structures of Vogograd river port for RUB 206.6 mln (photo)
10:22 Gazpromneft-Lubricants sold 7,400 t of marine lube oils in HI’17, up 7.5% YoY (photo)

2017 July 26

15:34 Okskaya Shipyard launches multi-purpose diving catamaran of Project SDS18, Igor Ilyin (photo)
12:53 Ukraine to close Ilyichevsk Ship Repair Plant and Museum of Ukrainian Navy
09:18 Rosmorport appoints Yegor Shelukhin as Deputy Director for Security of Arkhangelsk Branch (photo)

2017 July 25

18:00 Krasnoye Sormovo delivers two chemical tankers of Project RST27 to shipping company Volgotrans (photo)
14:27 380-tonne cargo unit handled by Multipurpose Terminal YUG-2 at the port of Ust-Luga (photo)
14:00 AquaStroy to invest RUB 493 mln in construction of yacht port Aquamarine in Vladivostok
13:33 Vostochny Port completed modernization of its water treatment facilities (photo)

2017 July 24

14:10 Multipurpose Terminal YUG-2 (Ust-Luga port) begins transshipment of pipes for Turkish Stream (photo)
13:46 Nobel Brothers Shipyard LLC repaired floating crane ПК-226 of Project Р12М(К27Р) (photo)
13:25 Rosneft bunkered four dredging ships of Jan De Nul at the port of Murmansk (photo)

2017 July 21

13:40 Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard launches chemical carrier Balt Flot 16 of Project RST27М for BF Tanker
12:53 ME MetroElectroTrans buys out river fleet of Volgograd for RUB 32.5 mln (photo)

2017 July 20

14:06 Cargo shipments by North-Western Shipping Company up 5% to 2.76 mln t in HI’2017

2017 July 19

15:16 Throughput of port Ust-Luga up 14% to 50.94 mln t in HI’2017
14:53 Vladimir Putin signs amendments to the Federal Law on Seaports
12:56 Throughput of Big Port St. Petersburg up 7% to 26.02 mln t in 6M’17
11:45 Cargo turnover of NCSP Group in January-June 2017 declined by 0.4% Y-o-Y to 74.079 mln t

2017 July 18

13:54 Yaroslavsky shipyard to deliver Yaroslavets-M boat of Project 02220 to Russia’s FSB (photo)

2017 July 17

16:51 Throughput of port Taganrog up 27.2% to 1.19 mln t in 6M’17
14:44 Nobel Brothers Shipyard launches second oil barge of Project ROB07 for JSC Lena United River Shipping Company (photo)
14:05 MSCC Bronka welcomes first containers of NYK Line (photo)
12:07 Coal exports via Commercial Sea Port of Kandalaksha in HI’17 more than doubled Y-o-Y to 586,000 t
11:28 RF Transport Minister: erection of Crimea Bridge arches to cause minimum interference with shipping (photo)

2017 July 14

13:07 Port of Singapore throughput up 5% to 310.2 mln t in HI’17

2017 July 13

17:51 Zelenodolsk shipyard lays down two high-speed passenger ships of Project А145Е designed by Agat Design Bureau LLC for UAE
14:32 Throughput of Klaipeda port (Lithuania) climbs by 2.9% to 20.6 mln t in HI’17
09:35 Vyborg Shipyard elected Aleksandr Neigebauer as BoD Chairman (photo)

2017 July 12

16:24 Vladimir Putin orders to postpone delivery of nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika to 2019
13:57 Throughput of Murmansk Sea Fishing Port up 22.7% to 177,200 t in 6M’17 (photo)
10:31 Throughput of Russian seaports in HI’2017 grew by 11.3%, year-on-year, to 384 mln t

2017 July 11

17:48 Conference “LNG Fleet and LNG Bunkering in Russia” scheduled for 25 October 2017
11:29 Largest stevedoring company of port Vyborg driven to bankruptcy by ex-owners, loss exceeds RUB 1.75 bln
10:53 Sovcomflot carried about 20 mln t of Russian oil in winter period of this year’s Arctic navigation (photo)

2017 July 10

14:49 Evergas holds namegiving ceremony for 8th multigas LNG vessel in Houston
12:36 Commercial Port of Vladivostok elects Aleksandr Isurins as Chairman of its Supervisory Board (photo)
11:08 MEPC 71 agrees to implementation dates for ballast water treatment systems
10:49 USC and Peace Boat sign letter of intent to build Ecoship by 2020 (photo)

2017 July 7

17:24 Balakovsky Shipyard commissions lead dry cargo carrier of Project RSD60 built for Vega Shipping Company (photo)
15:54 Throughput of Rosterminalugol is forecasted to grow by 16% to 21 mln t this year
15:35 Throughput of port Kavkaz up 35% to 14.37 mln t in 6M’17
11:49 Vyborg Shipyard launches second 22 MW icebreaker of project IBSV01, Andrey Vilkitsky (photo)
10:03 Coal exports from Rosterminalugol in 6M’17 up 43% Y-o-Y to 11.3 mln t

2017 July 6

12:10 Throughput of Neva-Metal (Saint-Petersburg) in Jan-June'17 is flat, y-o-y, at 1.6 mln t
11:49 Tall ship Mir moored at MSCC Bronka (photo)
09:39 Throughput of Vostochny Port JSC up 4% to 11.7 mln t in 6M’17
09:23 Throughput of Rostov-on-Don port up 13.7% to 8.45 mln t in 6M’17

2017 July 5

17:11 First batch of low-tonnage Foton chassis delivered to MSCC Bronka (photo)
13:58 Cargo traffic within Azov-Don Basin of Russia’s IWWs up 4.3% to 3.35 mln t in 6M’17
09:49 Throughput of port Azov up 3.5% to 3.85 mln t in 6M’17
09:13 Russia and China sign agreement on development of Primorye 1 and Primorye 2 international transport corridors

2017 July 4

14:30 Coal exports from Russia up 10% to 90.353 mln t in 6M’17
13:00 Russia's crude exports up 6.3% to 129.84 mln t in 6M’17
12:50 Throughput of Port Vysotsky LLC up 16.6% to 3.51 mln t in Jan-June'17

2017 July 3

17:53 Baltic Sea Tug Agency performed unique operation on towing jack-up floating drilling rig ‘Arkticheskaya’ at the port of Ust-Luga