2017 May 24

16:26 Throughput of NCSP Group up 1.4% to 50.6 mln t in 4M’17
13:23 Vympel Shipyard launches fast patrol boat of Project 12150 Mangust for Sakhalin Border Department of Russia’s FSB (photo)
09:58 Russian Railways set to facilitate implementation of BAM, Transsib and NLR projects

2017 May 23

16:44 Sovcomflot demonstrated TCE revenues of USD 274.4 million in Q1’17 amid tanker market slowdown
13:56 Igor Ponomarev elected as Director General of Severnaya Verf shipyard (photo)
13:29 Okskaya shipyard sent fourteenth tanker of Project RST27, Balt Flot 15, for sea trials (photo)
12:07 Rashid Sharipov elected as Chairman of NCSP BoD (photo)
09:46 Tender on construction of terminal in Pionersky (Kaliningrad Region) declared void

2017 May 22

18:33 Nevsky Shipyard laid a new dry-cargo vessel of the project RSD59
15:49 Throughput of port Vysotsk up 15% to 6.19 mln t in Jan-Apr'17
14:34 Throughput of port Ust-Luga up 10% to 33.02 mln t in 4M’17
13:32 Throughput of Arkhangelsk Sea Commercial Port down 45% to 316,000 t in Jan-Apr'17
10:37 Throughput of Big Port St. Petersburg up 6% to 16.79 mln t in 4M’17

2017 May 19

17:01 Mitigation of negative impact on environment and optimization of construction costs considered at Rosmorrechflot’s meeting on Bagayevsky hydrosystem
16:32 Rosmorrechflot appoints Magomed Abdulatipov as head of FSBI Caspian Sea Ports Administration
15:46 Vyborg Shipyard will build two trawlers of Project ST-116XL-FOR for FOR GROUP

2017 May 18

14:38 USC posts 2016 consolidated profit of RUB 3.18 bln, down 1.65 times, Y-o-Y (document)
11:30 Korean passenger/cargo ship Man Gyong Bong called at the port of Vladivostok (photo)
10:47 Nevsky Shipyard transfers Arc 5 rescue tug Beysug from a boathouse to an open slipway (photo)

2017 May 17

13:41 Financial results of Finnlines in QI’2017 break the Group’s records
12:13 Throughput of Vostochny Port up 14.2% to 8.02 mln t in 4M’17 (photo)

2017 May 16

20:04 Damen, RAMLAB, Promarin, Autodesk and Bureau Veritas develop the world’s first class approved 3D printed ship’s propeller
17:46 Severnaya Verf Shipyard launches reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs of Project 18280
15:47 Okskaya shipyard sent thirteenth tanker of Project RST27, Balt Flot 14, for sea trials (photo)
13:39 Baltic Sea Tug Agency supports 2nd International Conference “Advanced port fleet - the basis of safety” as its Sponsor
12:48 Throughput of port Taganrog up 12.4% to 819,900 t in 4M’17
10:31 Russia will continue building the fleet of icebreakers – Vladimir Putin

2017 May 15

11:57 Coal exports from Russia up 3% to 58.216 mln t in 4M’17
11:29 Russia's crude exports up 3.3% to 85.9 mln t in 4M’17

2017 May 12

16:37 RPK-Vysotsk-LUKOIL-II terminal received 3.94 mln t of export oil products in 4M’17, up 14.8% Y-o-Y
14:59 Throughput of Murmansk Sea Fishing Port up 12.2% to 108,200 t in Jan-Apr'17 (photo)
10:26 Throughput of Kaliningrad Sea Commercial Port in Jan-Apr'17 up 28% Y-o-Y to 1.13 mln t
09:39 Throughput of Russian seaports in Jan-Apr'17 up 10.9% Y-o-Y to 250.3 mln t

2017 May 11

18:20 Vympel Shipyard launches yet another fast patrol boat Mangust of Project 12150 (photo)
13:48 Throughput of port Riga (Latvia) down 0.3% to 12.25 mln t in 4M’17
09:56 Throughput of port Kavkaz up 52% to 7.468 mln t in 4M’17
09:32 Novosibirsk shipping lock starts 60th navigation season (photo)

2017 May 10

19:00 Saint-Petersburg company Astramarine starts providing regular sightseeing services in navigation season of 2017 (photo)
18:41 DNV GL adds asymmetric stern to ECO Lines hull optimization service
13:49 Throughput of port Ventspils (Latvia) up 25% to 9.5 mln t in Jan-Apr'17
09:43 Electric propulsion motors placed in design position on nuclear-powered icebreaker Sibir (photo)

2017 May 7

13:56 IAA PortNews congratulations on Victory Day!

2017 May 5

18:20 Throughput of Klaipeda port (Lithuania) climbs by 1.2% to 13.44 mln t in 4M’17
14:37 Krasnoye Sormovo launches the second chemical tanker of Project RST27 built for Volgotrans (photo)
10:57 Cargo traffic within Azov-Don Basin of Russia’s IWWs up 40.5% to 694,000 t in 4M’17
09:34 Throughput of Rostov-on-Don port up 13.2% to 4.27 mln t in 4M’17

2017 May 4

12:32 Throughput of Neva-Metal (Saint-Petersburg) in Jan-April'17 is flat, y-o-y, at 1.07 mln t
11:21 Throughput of port Azov up 6.3% to 2.20 mln t in 4M’17

2017 May 3

14:30 Yevgeny Tuzinkevich appointed as Harbour Master of port Novorossiysk (photo)
12:42 Throughput of Port Vysotsky LLC up 16% to 2.26 mln t in Jan-Apr'17
11:02 EVRAZ enters into agreement to dispose of Nakhodka Port to Lanebrook Limited

2017 May 2

13:25 Crude exports via CPC terminal up 17.6% to 17.72 mln t in 4M’17 (photo)
13:01 Costa Victoria calls at port Vladivostok
11:49 Russian Railways' network loading up 3.8% to 410.4 mln t in Jan-Apr'17
11:21 RF Government approves rules for subsidizing companies acquiring and building new civil ships (document)
09:38 MSCC Bronka acknowledged as strategic investment project of Saint-Petersburg

2017 April 28

17:03 Container Terminal Saint-Petersburg handled 157,600 TEUs in QI’2017, up 7.8% Y-o-Y
16:36 IAA PortNews' Labour Day congratulations
16:00 Throughput of Taganrog Commercial Sea Port up 38% to 320,000 t in QI’2017
15:34 Throughput of Multipurpose Reloading Complex (Ust-Luga) up 30% to 1.28 mln t in QI’2017