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  • 2019 February 1

    Mikhail Skigin: “We create LNG infrastructure at the port of Poronaisk”

    Amid the news about Gazprom’s plans to build a plant for production of liquefied natural gas on the Sakhalin, Mikhail Skigin, co-owner of Port Poronaisk LLC, tells IAA PortNews about the plans on construction of an up-to-date port infrastructure, including that for transshipment and storing of LNG.

    Gazprom has recently announced its plans to build a facility for liquefaction of natural gas in Poronaisk (Sakhalin) as we reported earlier >>>>. The facility with annual capacity of up to 100,000 tonnes will ensure LNG supplies to the Kunashir, Shikotan and Iturup islands. LNG will be delivered by seaborne transport. 

    Poronaisk is considered as the optimal site for construction of the plant in terms of logistics. In his flash interview with IAA PortNews, Mikhail Skigin, tells about the port development. The asset was acquired in 2015 in view of its logistic advantages:  international seaport on the eastern shore of the Sakhalin features  almost non-freezing water area and proximity to oil and gas projects Sakhalin 1 and Sakhalin 2. 

    -  Mr. Skigin, are you an owner of Port Poronaisk LLC today? 

    -  Yes.

    - The port of Poronaisk should undergo modernization for the project of Gazprom. Are you ready for the port reconstruction?

     - Port Poronaisk LLC is currently implementing two projects: reconstruction of the existing port infrastructure and creation of a new multifunctional cargo area. 

    The reconstruction project provides for creation of a repair base and a fish terminal.

    The new multifunctional cargo area of the port will have an up-to-date infrastructure including that for transshipment and storing of LNG. The capacity of the new terminal, its integration into the railway network of the island and proximity to motor roads will ensure fuel supplies to remote areas of the Sakhalin Region, shipments to the Kuril islands and bunkering of vessels.

    - Can Gazprom buy out the share of Port Poronaisk LLC? Have you or Gazprom made any suggestions?

     – We cannon comment on this issue so far.

    About the port of Poronaisk

    According to the Register of Russian Seaports, the port of Poronaisk currently numbers six berths with a total length of about 386 meters. Maximum draft of ships to call the port – 1.9 meters, length - 37 meters, width - 7 meters.

    Interviewed by Nadezhda Malysheva

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