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2015 December 16

Vyacheslav Burin: Port Zarubino is ready to handle more cargo

Implementation of the project on development of a seaport at the Troitsa Bay has commenced in the Primorsky Territory (Zarubino). The seaport’s sole operator Troitsa Bay Seaport (MPBT LLC) will spend over RUB 150 mln of its own investments by the end of 2015. Basic vectors of the port development are the cargoes from APR countries and domestic companies’ frozen fish. MPBT Director General Vyacheslav Burin tells IAA PortNews about the port’s current activities and future prospects.

- Mr. Burin, could you please tell about the types of cargo handled by MPBT in 2015?

- MPBT LLC is the sole operator of port facilities at the Troitsa Bay. The port is the key element of the international transport corridor Primorye 2 linking the North-Eastern Chinese province Jilin with the APR countries.

For many years, MPBT LLC being a multi-purpose port, has been providing logistic services in the field of handling new and second hand cars, containers, special equipment, fish products, dry bulk and packaged cargo, timber (round and sawn timber), dangerous cargo, etc.

In 2015, Troitsa port like other ports of Russia’s Far East and the entire country has faced the implications of the global economic crisis. This has resulted in reduction of foreign trade traffic and, consequently, to the fall of our port’s throughput. However, in the three-quarter period, we handled over 30,000 t of frozen fish.

Frozen fish products as well as transit containers and other general cargo make the bulk of MPBT throughput today. It should be noted that we have managed to keep frozen fish transshipment at the level of 2014. The port of Troitsa Bay going back to 1972 was designed and built as a fish port and we try not just to preserve but to boost the volumes of fish products transshipment.

The port’s state-of-the-art refrigerating facilities have the capacity of 12,000 t.  6 deep-freeze units covering the area of 9,504 square meters are equipped with freon refrigerating systems ensuring the temperature conditions from +5 to -25 Celsius degrees.

In 2012, the port’s refrigerating facilities underwent complete reconstruction, new handling equipment was purchased. As of today, Zarubino port provides high quality service for transshipment of frozen fish bound for China and also ships fish products to the Russian market by railway in refrigerated containers.

- Troitsa Bay port is handling containerized cargo, a regular service to S. Korea has been launched. Has this segment been influenced by the crisis, what do you think about its prospects?

- MPBT LLC has much experience in organisation of container transit. Advantageous geographic location, huge territory opportunities, availability of a 300-TEU container yard and handling equipment with lifting capacity of 45 tonnes ensure favorable environment for high quality handling of containerized cargo. As of today, the port can handle additional 50,000 TEUs per year.

Regular shipping line Troitsa port - Busan was launched in May 2015. Weekly service is provided by a 700-TEU vessel Karin. It carries mostly transit cargo owned by Chinese companies. Form the port of Troitsa Bay cargo is delivered to China by road transport via Kraskino checkpoint though railway transportation is also possible. This year, container transportation via railway checkpoint Makhalino – Hunchun has been arranged with support of Russian Railways and its Chinese partner Chan Ju Tu.

It is very profitable for us to work with China’s transit cargo and we see this segment as the most promising for the port. Yet, transit of Chinese cargo is hindered today with the limited transport infrastructure at Kraskino and Makhalino checkpoints.

- Tell about implementation of your investment programme, please.

- Large scale investment programme of MPBT LLC was launched as early as in 2014 when we commenced reconstruction of the port and its facilities. We have repaired the utility systems, electric equipment, covered warehouse of up to 5,000 t in capacity, railway infrastructure and handling equipment. We continue implementing the investment programme. By the end of 2015, the scope of investments will exceed RUB 150 mln.

I would emphasize that it is our company’s own project at port Zarubino. It does not involve any other companies and has nothing to do with Big Port Zarubino project being widely covered by media and to be implemented later.

- Recent years have seen the trend towards comprehensive services in seaports. What can you offer MPBT clients?

- The port provides forwarding services for cargo carried by railways. We have our own locomotive delivering/removing rail cars to/from port station. Smooth cooperation with the railway has been developed over many years of interaction. The priority is always given to cargoes going to/from port Zarubino.

In view of versatility of our transshipment facilities and implementation of its modernization programme, MPBT LLC is ready to handle additional volumes of different cargo including dangerous ones.

Interviewed by Sophia Vinarova