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2017 December 4

Hydraulic engineering

Leonid Shurukhin, Project Manager at Aquatic JSC, leading company in hydraulic engineering and designing for rivers, tells Hydrotechnika journal (Media Group PortNews) about the company’s activities.

- Mr. Shurukhin, the company’s order backlog consists of contracts for the development of project document and for construction of hydraulic engineering structures. How can these activities be combined? 

- Designing and construction are interlinked processes. When performing design works we are guided by what our company can implement, and vice versa. When acting as a general contractor for third-party’s projects our specialists begin with complete analyses of design solutions with optimization, elaboration or supplementing of them.

- Does the company have an in-house scientific unit?  

- We are committed to a balance between a scientific approach, engineering creativity and production potential. Aquatic works with the leading industry-focused institutions: B.E. Vedeneev VNIIG, Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Research Institute named after А.А. Gvozdev, Moscow State Academy of Water Transport etc. Combination of science and practical experience lets our company present our solutions for international projects. Among them are the proposals on reconstruction of the Panama Canal, transshipment terminal in Brazil and construction of the Nicaraguan Canal. 

In the future, the company is going to develop its own scientific unit for a full cycle of pre-project, R&D and construction works.  

- What are the current projects of the company?  

- I will name the largest ones. Our specialists are involved in reconstruction of the lock chambers of the White Sea – Baltic Sea Canal, Severodvinsk system, Perm lock and approach canal to the Novosibirsk lock. We are also performing design and survey work for the project on construction of the Bagayevsky hydrosystem.

- The company has implemented many hydraulic engineering projects. Which of them is the most interesting for you? 

- From the point of view of technical solutions, it was the feasibility study and the rationale for construction of the Volga-Don Waterway’s second thread performed last year… . 

By the way, Bagayevsky hydrosystem can be considered as a component of the Volga-Don Waterway…

In our opinion, technical solutions under this project are interesting both for shipping and the development of other sectors of economy.

Full interview was published in the fourth edition of the Hydrotechnika 2017. Leonid Shurukhin also told about state-of-the-art methods of anti-corrosion protection of hydraulic engineering structures.

Interviewed by Tatiana Vilde.