• 2021 March 9

    Deep dredging

    In 2020, FSUE Rosmorport fulfilled its maintenance dredging plan having ensured the navigation parameters in water areas and at the approaches to 49 facilities in 22 seaports of Russia. We will elaborate on the most ambitious dredging projects.

  • 2021 March 1

    Helsinki Shipyard: the model of international cooperation

    With its new owners, Helsinki Shipyard got a new development impetus and involvement in cooperation with the Russian partners. In his interview with IAA PortNews, Helsinki Shipyard CEO Esko Karvonen tells about the company’s activities including construction of Arctic-class cruise ships.

  • 2021 February 24

    Filling container gaps

    Over the recent two decades, the stevedore business has invested billions of rubles into construction of container handling facilities in Russian ports. However, their underloading in the North-West and the South of the country is estimated at 40% on the average with the Far East being short of such facilities. Modern container terminals can be used more efficiently with the assistance of the regional and federal authorities.

  • 2021 February 20

    Changing flows of Russian cargo in the Baltic region

    The flow of Russian cargo via the ports of the Baltic states, Finland and Ukraine dropped over 1.5 times in 2020 but the devil is in the detail.

  • 2021 February 17

    Sergey Gaidayev: Navigation on the Don river should be maintained

    Sergey Gaidayev tells IAA PortNews about the performance of the Azov-Don Basin Administration in 2020 affected by low water level and the pandemic

  • 2021 February 11

    Rosatom sets new vector for Hydrographic Company

    Aleksey Likhachev, General Director of the State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom" has arrived in Saint-Petersburg for a face-to-face meeting with the team of FSUE Hydrographic Company. Apart from reviewing the company’s operational results and plans for a period until 2025, the personnel meets the new General Director, Aleksandr Bengert, who has been with Rosatom for a long period of time, as Yury Mikhov steps down.

  • 2021 February 5

    German experts’ outlook on the maritime industry

    The shipbuilding industry currently sees the Chinese financing phasing out the western one, smaller ship owners opting for alternative financial schemes with shipping companies requiring state support for introduction of green fuels. Those issues were discussed by the market experts at the German Maritime Forum and SMM Digital

  • 2021 January 26

    Mikhail Pershin: It takes Krasnoye Sormovo half a year to build a serial dry cargo carrier

    This year’s order portfolio of Krasnoye Sormovo, one of the oldest shipyards in Russia, has been curtailed by at least 5 ships particularly due to STLC’s rejection of the option under an agreement for construction of dry cargo carriers signed earlier. Does that mean cutting jobs in the Nizhny Novgorod Region or parting with contractors? General Director of the shipyard Mikhail Pershin tells about that in his interview with IAA PortNews.

  • 2021 January 25

    Dura lex: new year, new rules

    As usually, the new year brings new laws and regulations. Here is a summary of the industry related legislation updates in 2021. More detailed review with comments of the industry focused lawyers will be published in the February edition of Port Service magazine.

  • 2021 January 18

    New ferry for a link with Kaliningrad

    Nordic Engineering JSC has completed the detailed design of a ferry for Baltiysk – Baltiyskaya Spit line. The ship will be equipped with accumulator batteries as the main source of power.