• Scania boosts marine engines

    2018 June 7 :

    Scania boosts marine engines

    Scania marine engines, known for their compactness, recently acquired the Pleasure craft rating for yachts and speedboats, which are operated up to 500 hours per year.

    The new rating allowed to increase the power to 925 hp. with a weight of 1285 kg, and the power of DI 16M to 1200 hp. with a weight of 1660 kg.

    On the page https://www.spbmarine.com/products/enginesc  at the section "Scania engines for pleasure boats" you can find new booklets (available only in Russian) for 13-liter Pleasure craft engines with their main characteristics: fuel consumption, overall dimensions, power curves and the moment, scope of supply and options.

    Pleasure craft rating is intended for intermittent use when rated power is available 1 hour/12 hours period. Accumulated load factor must not exceed 50% of rated power. Accumulated total service time max. 500 h/year. 2000 hours / 10 years.