• First Russian Semi-submersible vessel

    2017 June 26 :

    First Russian Semi-submersible vessel

    Gudzon Shipping LLC become an operator of another ultra-special & multi-purpose "Condock" type vessel named "Neptun" (ex: Condocvk V). 
    CONDOCK - the synonym for CONtainer-, DOCK-, and Ro/Ro-vessel features the combined versatility for the marine-transportation of Container, large and heavy loads in the Ro/Ro mode and the wide range of General cargoes.  Clean Deadweight Capacity reaches 4500 mt subject to voyage steaming time and bunker supply. 
    The special design of these vessels is their capability of the safe loading and transportation of floating units by semi-submersible dock-operation or utilization as a mobile Dry Dock. The vessels may trade worldwide with open or removed hatch-covers, resulting in nearly unlimited cargo heights.

    Containers can be carried in three tiers on deck and the capacity reaches 478 TEUs.  

    The ship is ideal for yachts, tugboats, and modules and can successfully load at facilities primarily designed for barge operations.
    The floating cargoes include the transport of submarines, warships, rocket-stages the Sea-Launch satellite project. Maxium weight of floating object reaches 2600 MT.
    The international track record includes the preparation and transport of sensitive prefabricated high-dimensioned modules and pressure vessels for refineries and offshore plants in the Ro-Ro mode.  Heavy goods can be rolled from land via an external ramp onto the fore-body. Low loaders, trailers or other special purpose trucks and crawlers can be used for this purpose. Loading and unloading operations can be assisted by hydraulic equipment, trim tanks, and a pump system.
    This ship has a self-lowering capability whereby a cargo space can be flooded through the stern to allow direct access of floating cargo!
    After loading the barges onto the transport ship it is deballasted to cause it to rise in the water and the cargo space is drained. The barges then lie in the transport ship as in a dry dock.
    By enabling cargo to be floated into the ship, the need for expensive lifting gear is eliminated.