• Congratulations on the International Women’s Day

    2022 March 5 :

    Congratulations on the International Women’s Day

    Dear ladies!

    On behalf of all men of Universal Handling Company, I congratulate you on the International Women’s Day! 

    You bring warmth and tenderness into this world. Your wisdom keeps your families safe. Your patience smoothes tribulations of everyday life. Your kindness improves people around you. You secure the values of family and home. 

    You are actively involved in the corporate life, you make indispensable contribution to social and economic development of the company. We appreciate your erudition, vitality, entrepreneurial spirit and strength of will. We love you in joy and sorrow, your support inspires to creativity and gives strength. 

    Thank you for bringing comfort and joy, for your ability to change and decorate the world around us, for your kindness and tenderness, beauty and love, for staying charming and girlish despite your stirring lives. 

    On the occasion of this spring holiday, I wish all women be surrounded with attention and care of men 365 days a year. May the sun always light your way. May you get flowers and gifts frequently!

    Managing Director Andrei Iaroslavtsev