• 2015 February 20


    Cutting air pollution from ships

    The fuel used in international shipping contains on average 2,700 times more sulphur than the fuel used for cars, resulting in higher sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions. Yara Marine Technologies has developed a simple, cost-efficient solution that cleans exhaust gases...

  • 2015 February 20


    Commissioner Bulc meets shipowners in Antwerp as a prelude to European Shipping Week

    ...The EU controls 40% of the world's gross tonnage and more than 75% of EU trade is carried by sea. That is why today's visit to the Port of Antwerp was of particular importance, as it marks my first meeting with the European shipping community and comes ahead of the European Shipping Week...

  • 2015 February 20


    Fujairah Oil Terminal receives first cargo

    Fujairah Oil Terminal, a joint-venture storage facility, received its first cargo of light distillates and will get an initial crude delivery this month...