• 2015 October 23


    Cheap Saudi oil squeezing Russia out of Europe?

    The war over oil prices unfolding in the European petroleum market involves Russia and Saudi Arabia at the moment, but could soon also see Iran weighing in. For Russia, the consequences could be fraught with danger, of losing nearly a third of its European oil supplies...

  • 2015 October 23


    Is Russia the king of Arctic oil by default?

    To be king implies preeminence, or lasting rule. In the Arctic, such oil and gas supremacy is still little more than a dream. That dream remains alive in Russia however, and the nation – through an unmatched stubbornness and a decidedly timid field of competitors – is making a strong bid for the throne...

  • 2015 October 23


    Georgia finds convenient alliance with China

    Given its friction with Russia, Georgia has been assiduously casting about for allies, and is now developing closer relations with a country that Russia also regards as a friend – China...

  • 2015 October 23


    Putin promises reforms and incentive for fisheries sector

    Amid finance sector experts’ warnings that the country’s economy is deteriorating, president Vladimir Putin ensures that Russia’s fisheries industry will soon supply high-quality fish products to the domestic market...