• 2017 February 17


    Opening a new chapter in Russian Arctic trade

    A new generation of diesel-electric shuttle tankers built to a unique, bespoke design for year-round operation in the Russian Arctic impacts directly and considerably on the country’s capabilities in developing oil shipments from the Yamal peninsula to export markets...

  • 2017 February 17


    Examining the human impact of the Northern Sea Route

    A research project is examining how the establishment of Russia’s Northern Sea Route has shaped the lives of residents along the country’s northern coast, amid the booms and busts of industrialization...

  • 2017 February 17


    Obituary: Hanjin Shipping

    Hanjin Shipping, a global container carrier of note, was born in 1977 and passed away on 17 February 2017, a few years earlier than expected and much longer than it financially deserved...