• 2018 March 12


    The race to conquer the Arctic – the world’s final frontier

    As the polar ice caps melt, Russia and China are leading the race to control the lucrative and strategically important shipping lanes and natural resources of the High North...

  • 2018 March 12


    Climate change: It’s not all bad

    ...climate change is making the route more accessible by thinning and breaking up sea ice, and more companies are investing in ice classed ships, allowing larger cargoes to be shipped along the route more frequently...

  • 2018 March 12


    Russia ramps up fuel exports in fight for European market

    ...more than 38 percent of oil products from the Baltic Sea port of Primorsk, Russia's key exporting outlet, goes to the Netherlands' port of Rotterdam, followed by Germany (19 percent), the United Kingdom (15 percent) and France (11 percent)...