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    2018 November 29

    Maersk plans reefer rail service in Russia

    Maersk intends to develop refer rail service in Russian from sea port into hinterland. According to Maersk Russia, the line has already made test shipments of perishables by rail. Thus, import fruit was dispatched from St. Petersburg to Novosibirsk. In early 2019, Maersk intends to offer rail service to its multiple Russian customers.

    The entire process will be integrated as fruit of the season will be delivered to customers in Russian hinterland from plantation without re-stuffing, which means they will reach shelves quicker, in better condition and at less cost.

    Customers will be able to monitor the temperature and cargo condition inside the container in real time as all Maersk reefer boxes are equipped with RCM modules. Seanews.ru reported how, in case unexpected deviations from the normative mode occur, the client can give timely instructions to change the route, and the line can take urgent measures to fix the container.