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    2018 December 3

    Shareholder of the Nikolaev shipbuilding plant “Ocean” declared that the company can sell in the interests of Russia

    Liquidator, auction organizer and two judges from Nikolaev are involved in the scheme to sell the plant to companies involved with Russia, says the shareholder of the company, the representative of the company “Sonel Operesheni limited” Igor Ignatov.

    On December 3 the Nikolaev shipbuilding plant “Ocean” can be sold at auction in the interests of Russia, said the shareholder of the company, the representative of the company “Sonel Operesheni limited” Igor Ignatov, writes “RBC-Ukraine”.

    “Currently, the plant is liquidated and destroyed in the interests of Russia, with the support of the Ukrainian courts. The criminal group included: liquidator Iryna Serbin, Chairman of the Committee of creditors of plant “Ocean” [Igor] Voloshin, the organizer of the illegal auction of plant “Ocean” Fedorenko, which is associated with the so-called “Deputy defense Minister LNR” [Vladimir] Nadenka, and two judges of the Nikolaev economic court [Tatiana] Dovchenko and [Konstantin] Vasilyak,” – said Ignatov.

    The shareholder said that the company could fall into the hands of the companies associated with Russia and the separatists, and urged security forces and politicians to intervene in the situation.

    “We want to sell and, thereby, destroy a strategically unique enterprise of shipbuilding industry in Ukraine, which builds and repair ships of civil fleet and Navy ships. I think that the elimination and destruction of anti-people and anti-state crime,” he said.

    Nikolaev shipbuilding plant is engaged in shipbuilding, repairs ships, manufactures products of marine, General and special engineering. Technological and organizational capabilities of the factory allow to build vessels of all types with hull weight up to 28 tonnes.

    October 31, 2017 a proud “Ukroboronprom” said that the plant stopped. The reason for stopping the group called a lack of resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on financing of the content of the guided missile cruiser of project 1164. In “Ukroboronprom” declared that the account of the plant is arrested, and wage arrears is more than 58 million UAH.

    13 September 2018 edition of “Capital” published a letter from the staff of the Nikolaev shipbuilding plant “Ocean”, claiming that the law firm handling the liquidation of the strategic enterprises, linked to the “Deputy defense Minister LNR” Vladimir, Nadenka. Employees believe that as a result of the machinations of the plant made by the debtor.

    The head of the trade Union organization of the plant Anatoly Nemov said that at least three of the five companies-creditors, in whose interests liquidate PJSC “Mykolaiv shipyard Okean”, are the ultimate beneficiaries in Russia.