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    2020 May 13

    The 5th anniversary of the inspection of China-Belarus Industrial Park by two Heads of State

    The China-Belarus Industrial Park is located on the outskirts of Minsk, the capital of Belarus. It covers a total area of 112.5 square kilometres. As a vital project of the "Belt and Road" personally promoted by the Heads of State of China and Belarus, it is the Chinese-invested overseas economic and trade cooperation zone that has the largest planned area and highest cooperation level.

    On May 12, 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Belarusian President Lukashenko inspected the China-Belarus Industrial Park and heard a report from China Merchants Group Chairman Li Jianhong on the China-Belarus Commerce & Logistics Park. The inspection has marked an essential milestone in the Park's development. On the same day, the two Heads of State also witnessed the first group of companies being granted to conduct businesses in the Park.

    The Park today has completed the infrastructure construction of an area of 8.5 square kilometres one year ahead of schedule. With the support of the Chinese government's foreign aid funds, it has also completed multiple municipal supporting facilities such as 110 kV power stations, park staff apartments, buildings for science and technology research and development. Over the past five years, nearly 800 Chinese delegations have visited the Park to seek cooperation with the Belarusian government and enterprises. Up to now, the Park has introduced a total of 60 investment projects, with a contract investment of nearly 1.2 billion USD. High-end manufacturing, commercial logistics, biopharmaceuticals, technical research and development have become the critical industries in the Park.

    The China-Belarus Industrial Park's second five-year plan will focus on the development of emerging industries and making the Park an industrial gathering platform for expanding regional cooperation and economic and trade exchanges between the two countries. China Merchants Group will continue to play a pioneering role, together with other shareholders, turn China-Belarus Industrial Park into a landmark project on the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and a paradigm of mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Belarus.