Press digest

2020 March 26

Floating Platform Of Sea Launch Project Arrives In Russia's Far East - Roscosmos Chief

The floating launch platform, Odyssey of the Sea, has successfully arrived at Russia's Far Eastern port of Slavyanka, Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin said on Wednesday.

"The launch platform of the Sea Launch spaceport arrived at the port of Slavyanka in the Far East. The Cyclopic structure successfully crossed the Pacific Ocean," Rogozin wrote on Twitter.

The Sea Launch assembly-command vessel arrived in Slavyanka earlier. Prior to this, both ships were based in the US port of Long Beach.

The Hong Kong-registered Xin Guang Hua cargo ship with the Odyssey launch platform left the United States on March 2 and was expected to arrive in Slavyanka on March 30.

Thus, it has completed the task ahead of schedule.

The Sea Launch owner, Russia's S7 Group, said in December that all necessary permits for changing the location of the platform, including from the US State Department, had been received. Upon its arrival to Russia, the launch platform and the assembly-command ship will be temporarily based at the Slavyansk Shipyard.

The Sea Launch has been mothballed since 2014, when the last launch the 36th was carried out. The work was stopped due to the deterioration of Russian-Ukrainian relations.