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2021 August 6

Arctic-2021 international expedition departs from Murmansk

The Arctic-2021 international expedition, which will conduct complex studies of the Arctic nature in the changing climate, departed from Murmansk on board the Akademik Tryoshnikov scientific diesel-electric research vessel of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI, St. Petersburg), the institute reported on its Telegram channel on Thursday.

"Today from Murmansk, onboard the Akademik Tryoshnikov scientific-research vessel begins the Arctic-2021 international expedition," the institute reported. "Scientists from different countries will visit waters and islands of the Barents, Kara and Laptev seas to conduct complex studies of the natural environment’s conditions in the changing climate."

The current expedition will combine marine and coastal studies. Their results will give more information on the climate changes and will be used to improve long-term forecasts.

"In the open sea the scientists will collect information about the distribution of the Atlantic water mass - a main heat source in the Arctic," the post reads. "In the coastal areas they will study fluctuations of the climate, of the sea level and the past icing processes in the Arctic."

The expedition will continue to September 6, the institute added.

According to AARI, the project’s initiator was Frederik Paulsen, a polar researcher and a member of the Russian Geographical Society. The institute has organized the expedition jointly with Switzerland’s Polar Foundation.