• LNG Bunkering Summit 2019

    Dates:   2019 January 29 - 2019 January 31

    Now in its 7th year, the Annual LNG Bunkering Summit will be spread over three days and focus on the entire supply chain, offering insights into decision making, planning, development, operation, safety and training processes that are driving the LNG Bunkering market forward.

    Agenda themes will include:

    • Regulations: Receive updates on regulatory developments across the globe, potential impacts and how to prepare appropriately
    • Decision making: Hear predictions, forecasts and future trends to help understand commercial viability and suitability for LNG now and into the future
    • Finance and funding: Discover alternative finance options and successful strategies to secure your investment
    • Port perspectives: Avoid project pitfalls through understanding common challenges global ports overcame from planning through to operation
    • Shipping perspectives: Review alternative methods of Marine Fuel and discover how major shipping companies approached their conversion and vessel options
    • LNG supply chain: Learn how EU ports are realizing their supply chain management process and associated LNG Infrastructure challenges
    • Operational challenges: Discuss potential challenges for machinery operation, risk management and safety
    • Workforce: Replicate proven concepts for training, developing, up-skilling and managing your future workforce

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